BioTector Analytical Systems Limited was established in Ireland in 1995. The founders come from a background of over 30 years in the `Analyzer Service Industry` which included TOC measurement. Based on experience in the industry, the need for a new technology was recognized and this led to the development of the range of BioTector On-Line Analyzers. BioTector Analytical Systems` product range now consists of TOC, TN and TP measurement instruments for environmental monitoring, process control and waste minimization. The company currently employs 40 staff at it`s manufacturing plant in Ireland and has an extensive network of distributors worldwide including Europe, USA, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

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Raffeen House, Ringaskiddy , County Cork , Ireland

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Monitoring and Testing - Laboratory Equipment
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Globally (various continents)
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As a company, BioTector Analytical Systems is committed to Research & Development and a great deal of resources are invested every year on R&D initiatives. This commitment is evident through the constant development and improvements made to our products through the years. The patented BioTector technology applies a totally new approach to on-line measurement, providing an optimal solution for on-line liquid analysis.

Over the past 18 years BioTector products have proven their ability on the simplest to the most demanding applications throughout the world and our products are regarded by major international users as the most reliable on-line liquid analyzers on the market.

The BioTector TOC Analyzer was originally developed to measure waste from a Wood Processing Plant discharging into the sea.  The entire analyzer is therefore developed as an On-line TOC Measuring Device, which is capable of handling particulates of up to 2mm in size in a salt-water environment.

All sample tubes and sample valves are sized with a minimum interior diameter of 3mm, this includes the bore of the ARS Valve which directs the sample into the reactor. In-line filters, screening devices or homogenising devices are not used.

The Oxidation process, which uses Ozone and Hydroxyl Radicals, will totally reduce any soft particles during the 3-minute oxidation period.

The Oxidation process is extremely aggressive and is therefore totally self cleaning (Hydroxyl Radicals at an oxidation potential of 2.8 is only below fluorine).  The reaction is unaffected by Chlorides (salts) up to 30%.  The system can also handle oils, fats and calcium up to 12.5%.

The reactor is simply a mixing chamber constructed of Stainless Steel or Hastelloy (Hastelloy if HCL is used as an acid or if chlorides are present). The reactor is fully welded and never requires cleaning, service or replacement.

The sample system uses a variable volume method with samples of 10ml for 0-125mgC/l down to 0.4ml for ranges up to 5000mg and 0.08ml for ranges up to 25,000mgC/l. A single instrument can therefore operate across a very wide range as follows:

A 2mm particulate will pass freely through all sample components to the reactor, and such a particulate may even be present within the smaller sample selected for the higher ranges.

The absence of filtering ensures that the BioTector measures a fully representative sample.  This in addition to providing a more accurate TOC measurement also means that a good co-relation to laboratory BOD or COD measurements can be achieved.

Due to the self-cleaning technology, the large system tubing and the absence of filtering, service is required only two times per year.

The BioTector TOC Analyzers have been installed in more than 1,000 applications Worldwide, many of which would have been considered unsuitable for On-line TOC Analysis prior to the advent of the Biotector Self Cleaning Technology.

Difficult applications include:- Dairy Plants on cream or casine lines, Pulp and Paper Plants on process water lines, Raw Sewage Measurement and many applications within the Pharmaceutical/Chemical industry with high salts, high sludge etc.