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Biotest is a specialist in innovative haematology, clinical immunology and intensive care medicine. Biotest develops, manufactures and markets plasma proteins and biotherapeutic drugs. Our value chain extends from pre-clinical and clinical development to worldwide marketing and distribution. Biotest manufactures immunoglobulins, clotting factors and albumins which derive from human blood plasma. The most important raw material for our pharmaceuticals is human blood plasma, which we process into effective and highly purified drugs in one of our world leading fractionation facilities in Europe and in the USA. These medications are used to treat life-threatening diseases such as blood coagulation disorders (haemophilia), severe infections and immune system disorders.

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Biotest also develops monoclonal antibodies, in the indications of rheumatoid arthritis, blood cancer and other autoimmune diseases which are manufactured using biotechnology manufacturing methods. Biotest currently employs more than 2,200 people worldwide.

Biotest at a glance

Biotest is a global company that supplies plasma protein products and biotherapeutic drugs. Our products are primarily used in the therapeutic areas of clinical immunology, haematology and intensive care medicine. For patients with serious and often chronic diseases they provide targeted treatment, which generally enable them to lead almost normal lives.

Within our areas of specialisation, we start from pre-clinical and clinical development to manufacturing and global marketing. Research, development and production are carried out at our main headquarters in Germany and the USA. Our own sales organisations (subsidiaries) and cooperating partners represent our global distribution network.

Headquarters and subsidiaries

In addition to the company headquarters in Dreieich (near Frankfurt, Germany) and Biotest Pharmaceuticals Corp. in Boca Raton, Florida, USA, Biotest has subsidiaries and sales companies in seven European countries (France, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain) and in Brazil.

Production locations

Biotest’s manufacturing facilities are located in Dreieich, Germany at the company’s headquarters, and in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. Together with its contract partners, Biotest can process up to 1.0 million litres of blood plasma annually in Dreieich, and 0.6 million litres in Boca Raton.

Biotest is currently working towards doubling its production capacities with its “Biotest Next Level” investment programme in Dreieich 

Marketing and distribution

Biotest products are currently marketed in more than 80 countries around the world. Biotest either sells its products directly through its own subsidiaries or in cooperation with local marketing partners or distributors.

Plasmapheresis centres to collect the raw material

The raw material for plasma protein products is human blood plasma. Biotest collects plasma through plasmapheresis in 30 proprietary collection centres in Europe and the USA. Plasma donations and processing are subject to very strict safety requirements and regulations.

The Biotest (UK) Ltd Management System describes the way we conduct our operations. We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction, managing our impact on the environment and providing products and services that exceed stakeholder expectations and satisfy legal requirements. We have documented, implemented and maintained our management system and regularly review effectiveness to ensure continual improvement. 
Our management systems have been independently audited and we have achieved accredited registration for ISO 9001:2008, the international standard for quality management systems and ISO 14001:2004, the international standard for environmental management systems. The award of these certificates is testament to our consistent commitment to high standards.
We have been assessed against the MHRA Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Distributors (Good Distribution Practice) and possess a Wholesale Dealer’s Licence.
We have implemented the ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry and conduct our business to the highest ethical standards at all times.