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Bioverse, Inc

Bioverse, Inc

Bioverse has been solving water problems, from big to small for over ten years. Over this period of time many people with pond algae thought they had to use pond chemicals, such as copper sulfate, for algae control or algae removal. But in todays world, in order to be eco-friendly and green, people are discovering that Bioverse provides an all natural pond treatment through our pond maintenance products. In addition to our pond care products, we offer all natural products for a variety of indoor/outdoor applications. Examples of our other applications include, fish tank and aquarium cleaner, fountain water cleaner, bird bath cleaner, stock tank cleaner and our very popular Koi pond cleaner. So whether your problem is bigger, such as the need to clean ponds, or smaller such as bird baths and aquariums, Bioverse has an all natural product that we hope you will enjoy.

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1527 Prairie Drive, Suite 3 , Worthington , MN 56187 USA
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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Bioverse's Operating Philosophy is Founded on Four Guiding Principles:

  1. Natural products are a better alternative to chemicals. Bioverse's products contain bacteria and enzymes found in nature. We feature biodegradable and reusable products that cost no more than chemicals and actually save our customers money over time.
  2. We offer solutions for water problems big and small. For applications of all kinds, Bioverse has an all natural solution to improve water quality and clarity. Bioverse's products are used at Camp David, in the reflecting ponds in our nation's capital, and at golf courses, municipal sites, cranberry bogs, backyard fountains, ponds, and in fish tanks throughout the U.S.
  3. Bioverse products are easy to use. All of our solutions have been designed with ease in mind. Most products are simply applied to the water and replaced monthly. Bioverse provides a patented delivery system for 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, 30 day per month treatment programs. Our biodegradable products dissolve over time for more effective application and more environmental compatibility.
  4. Bioverse can improve your water. We have an exceptional track record of improving water quality for more than a decade. Bioverse was founded with the mission of creating all natural solutions for common water problems. Our products help people, animals, and the environment. Today, Bioverse's products are available across the US and are being used successfully to improve water quality in an increasing number of ways and locations.

Bioverse was founded in 1995 as a research and development company. After four years of formulation, testing, and approvals, Bioverse introduced its first line of commercial products in 1999.

From its inception, Bioverse has created innovative ways to enhance water quality, such as the development of the patented AquaSpherePRO and Pond Water Cleaner dispenser. These dispensers, combined with state of the art Continuous Release Technology, consume excess nutrients in ponds and lakes. Once submerged, the dispenser becomes an on-site bacteria factory, by incubating, growing, and dispensing beneficial bacteria 24/7 for up to 30 days. The AquaSpherePRO, Pond Water Cleaner, and AquaLily enjoy high success rates in ponds and larger bodies of water which are ecologically balanced.

In 2008, the company was purchased by a committed group of long-time investors. This investor group believes in the long-term benefits of all natural products that assist bioremediation in ponds, lakes, and other types of water both large and small.

Historically, the most common approach to treating water was through the use of harmful and expensive chemicals. However, in today’s world, being eco-friendly vitally important. That is why at Bioverse, we hold the belief that the best way to treat water is by using all-natural ingredients. Our products have delivered solutions to water problems for over ten years. Through the use of naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes with a patented release process, we supply a constant 24/7 monthly application for water clarity and water health. In the past, when using chemicals, doses often needed to be increased over time. But Bioverse's natural ingredients and specialized dosage amounts always remain constant and predictable.

You can be assured that by using all-natural products, you are doing what is best for your water and at the same time what is best for the environment.

All our products use natural ingredients. Our solutions are safe for use around pets, wildlife, livestock, fish, plants and our most precious possession - children. Each Bioverse product is easy to use, meaning you can drop our product in the water and in 30 days simply refill or replace the treatment.

Many Bioverse spheres and dispensers also dissolve in the water over time - allowing for eco-friendly, no hassle water treatment.

You will never have to come in contact with chemicals again, and neither will Mother Nature!

Through the use of naturally occurring formulations, our products address the most common issues associated with water clarity and water health.

Every body of water is different, therefore the immediacy of results will vary, but through consistent application, water conditions improve. The success of the Bioverse treatment program will be determined by applying a refill product or a new application regularly every 30 days. This approach will ensure a constant level of beneficial bacteria to deliver the desired results naturally and effectively.

All Bioverse products are made with naturally occurring ingredients so that you will never introduce anything that is chemical-based or foreign into your water or the environment.

Our biodegradable sphere is made from a corn starch based prodcut. We also offer eco-friendly refills for many of our popular products which minimizes packaging, while providing a cost-effective solution to some of the most commonly occurring water problems.