BioWALL, LLC is a privately-held New York-based bio-protection technology company leveraging over two decades of experience developing and deploying bio-response, hazardous materials sterilization and large-scale remediation. Led by a seasoned management and scientific team with expertise in managing biological, chemical and other environmental issues across an array of industries, BioWALL is well-positioned to partner with governments, corporations and communities to identify and address the distinct risks and threats they face, helping to prepare for, prevent, and efficiently remediate biological and chemical contamination events. BioWALL employs the world’s leading experts in chlorine dioxide and sterilant applications and is proud to reflect this in its technologies, products, and services.

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1891 New Scotland Road , Slingerlands , New York 12159 USA
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When crises hit, BioWALL is the first call of governments, agencies and many of the world’s largest corporations.

BioWALL, a Sabre Company, is in business solely to protect you, your assets and your community. As a global authority on mitigating biological and chemical threats, the BioWALL Team has a proven record of combining technology, industry expertise and on-the-ground experience in effectively decontaminating the toughest biological and chemical threats the world has faced in recent history – from the 2001 Anthrax attacks to the 2015 HPAI outbreak.

From prevention to preparation to remediation, BioWALL’s unique, patented technology solutions enable you to quickly and cost-effectively address a full range of biological and chemical threats – whether naturally occurring or introduced. The BioWALL Team has demonstrated an exemplary efficacy and safety record spanning 20+ years, and holds the only commercial U.S. EPA-registration for a non-carcinogenic sterilant that delivers broad-spectrum decontamination solutions to biological and chemical contaminants on porous and non-porous surfaces, structures and contents.

With proven science at its core, BioWALL leverages the protocols and processes developed over two decades by its affiliates, the Sabre Companies and Sabre Intellectual Property Holdings, to ensure our clients are able to prepare for and rapidly address critical high-risk events, and also take concrete steps to prevent future outbreaks. BioWALL holds an exclusive worldwide license allowing it to utilize patented technology and trademarks owned by Sabre Intellectual Property Holdings, LLC (Sabre IP Holdings). 

Whether utilized to treat naturally occurring pathogens or to clean industrial and municipal wastewater, pure ClO2, as generated and applied in Sabre DiKlorTMtreatment services, is the most powerful broad-spectrum biocide available anywhere. 

Setting the standard for effective, efficient and safe large-scale decontamination processes and protocols, BioWALL is proud of its strong relationships and validation from key government agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the National Academy of Science.


Hart Senate Office Building

Following the 2001 Anthrax attacks, BioWALL provided 100% cleanup of all impacted locations. 

The federal government and private parties recruited BioWALL to remediate all of the structures affected by the 2001 anthrax attacks. The structures ranged in size and complexity, up to the 17-million ft.3 Brentwood postal facility. Many of the structures were highly contaminated and all required complete kill on all surfaces within, including carpeting, drywall, air ducts, electronics, furniture, and full file archives. Post-treatment, thousands of wet samples, dry samples and spore strips were tested – the most comprehensive testing on this scale ever administered – and not a single active spore remained after BioWALL’s treatment. BioWALL played a leading role in developing this testing program, which is now the gold standard for efficacy validation and clearance of large structures.