Biowatertech Product (BWT) Co., Ltd.

Biowatertech Product (BWT) Co., Ltd.

Biowatertech (BWT) is an engineering manufacturer of fine bubble diffusers ,including disc, tube and plate membrane diffuser. With years of experience in wastewater treatment, We not just providing best quality facilities, but also integrating professional technicians from Europe and Australia for each applications and requirements from customers all over the world. BWT also offer the widest possible spectrum of products to the meet the industrial demands in the times to come. We pride ourselves on providing a professional service to clients by being able to respond quickly based on the client’s needs. The type of work we undertake is tailored to the client’s need and budgets and ranges from advising on environment exemptions. The promoters believe that this can be achieved by infusing operational flexibility with economic stability.

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No. 199 guangshan road, tianhe district , Guangzhou , China
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Industry Type:
Water Aeration and Mixing
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Since a majority of all aquaculture problems, including disease, are caused by poor water quality and, in turn, most water quality problems can be resolved with proper aeration (oxygenation), it is clear that aeration plays a crucial role in this process.

Oxygen is the main limiting factor in both recirculating and traditional aquaculture systems. Less than the required levels lead to poor water quality, poor feed conversion ratios (FCR), reduced growth and increased mortality. With high energy prices, energy efficiency is becoming much more important when comparing aeration techniques and devices. Many of the traditional aeration devices like paddlewheels and aspirator style aerators have a poor track record of reliability and higher overall energy requirements. “Fine bubble aerator” have become a common sight throughout the industry as old aeration devices are replaced and discarded year after year.

Purpose of the aeration system

Aeration systems are intended for uniform distribution of air, supplied from the compressor or blower pump, in layer of water. To solve this problem the system forms small air bubbles which saturate water with oxygen and provide liquid mixing.

Aeration systems are used at flotation, in aerobic stabilizers of deposits, in reservoirs, but aeration systems have received the most widespread application in aerotanks at a stage of biological treatment. At this stage of treatment community of microorganisms - bacteria, the elementary and of some higher organisms (active silt) in conditions of aerobiosis carry out process of natural waste water treatment, eating attendant organic chemistry.

BWT aeration systems - all genius is simple:

Rather low cost both design, and its installation and the subsequent service;

The least, among known to us aeration systems, loss of pressure of air in system at preservation of uniform aeration of a liquid and diameter of a bubble 3 - 4 mm;

Ability to work till  10 years in case of correct maintenance and absence of emergencies;

Completely assembled construction that not only facilitates installation, but also raises maintainability of system;

Possibility of membrane replacement at base design preservation;

Guarantee for 5 years on membrane.
Design of BWT Aeration system

We are proud to acknowledge that our experts succeeded in developing an optimal pipe aerator design, which advantages are recognized by the majority of experts in this field.

Experts know that the basic indicators of aerator efficiency are diameter of a bubble and the expense-pressure characteristic, all other advantages of one aerators over others are their derivatives. Aerators, manufactured by BIOWATERTECH provide the least loss of  pressure in aerator among all known to us aeration systems, thus providing diameter of a air bubble 2 - 3 mm.

BIOWATERTECH company offers aeration systems of its own production and range of engineering services to develop their systems based on high-nitro-denitrification.

Based on customer data and surveys of facilities engineering group of companies, a mathematical modeling and calculation using complex «BioWin» - best software in the field of biological wastewater treatment, widely acknowledged as the leading western profile companies. Developed recommendations for the implementation of innovative wastewater treatment technologies, improving the efficiency of sewage treatment plants in general.