BioWorks Energy LLC

BioWorks Energy LLC

BioWorks Energy LLC provides agricultural, municipal, and industrial anaerobic digestion technologies. We specialize in integrating with existing WWTP facilities and can provide consulting services for design and construction of digestion systems on a case by case basis. We provide engineered solutions taking into consideration the various strengths and weaknesses facing each project. BioWorks Energy hosts the North American Advanced Biomethane Laboratory (NAAB Lab) focusing on the development of anaerobic digestion and advancing biogas technology. The NAAB Lab provides several services including: substrate evaluation, biological methane potential testing (BMP), anaerobic digestion process evaluation through lab scale reactors, bio-fertilizer/digestate evaluation, and biogas analysis for major gas constituents, hydrogen sulfide, and siloxanes.

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PO Box 773 , Grand Blac , Michigan 48480 USA
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BioWorks Energy LLC provides technical expertise for the design and operation of biogas production plants . The plants produce biogas from a variety of substrates including: agriculture waste, food industry residual products, and sewage sludge. The biogas is used for vehicle fuel, electrical generation, and heating.

BioWorks Energy has located its North American headquarters and research laboratory in Genesee County, Michigan  BioWorks Energy has developed its first biogas plant using anaerobic digestion in a partnership with the Flint Water Pollution Control Facility located at G-4652 Beecher Road in Flint Township. SBI’s facility provides an alternative to the landfilling of organic wastes coming from food production and consumption activities.

  • Reduces cost of waste disposal
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly process by production of renewable energy and biofertilizer

Wastes that can be accepted and processed at the Beecher Road location in an environmentally friendly manner include:

  • Food waste from households, institutions, and business
  • Slaughterhouse waste
  • Dairy products and waste (chocolate, milk, butter milk, cheese, milk powder,etc.)
  • Sludges from WWTP
  • Vegetables
  • Pickle and Pepper waste
  • Fish waste
  • Corn, grain, wheat, ensilage, etc
  • Waste from food industry
  • Manure (cow, pig, poultry etc)
  • Alcohols
  • Fats, Oils, and Greases
  • Stillage from ethanol or breweries
  • Mycelium from pharmaceutical industry
  • Waste from biodiesel production

The biogas facility can accept a wide range of waste volumes from small totes to large trucks.

Our Pledge
At BioWorks Energy LLC, we pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention.

Our Mission
At BioWorks Energy LLC, our mission is simple: provide renewable energy and sustainable organics processing