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Bird Barrier

Bird Barrier is America`s leading manufacturer and supplier of pest bird control products. We specialize in urban bird control to remove pest birds humanely and effectively. In business since 1993, Bird Barrier America has led the way with innovative technologies designed to prevent birds from landing, roosting or nesting. Our main offices are located in Carson, CA with an East Coast shipping center situated in Secaucus, NJ. Our best selling bird control product is our Bird-Flite bird spikes. Stainless steel construction ensures an extensive and effective service life for protection against pigeons and similarly sized nuisance birds.

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20925 Chico Street , Carson , California 90746 USA
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Pest Control
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Nationally (across the country)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Bird Control

Bird Barrier also introduced the first electrical shock system designed to keep birds off surfaces. Stealthnet is our brand of bird netting that is used for total exclusion. Impenetrable by birds, it creates a barrier that is extremely effective and minimally visible. An attractive bird control option for aesthetically sensitive applications.

BirdWire, BirdCoil, Daddi Long Legs, and Bird Slide are products that we offer that work great to control pigeons, starlings, sparrows, grackles, geese, gulls, crows, and swallows.

Our sister sites for open space bird control will provide a wealth of information regarding new technologies designed to work where other systems can't. Please visit: AviHaze and Eagle Eye Bird.

The entire team at Bird Barrier would like to thank you for your business and would like to remind you that we are here to help, from 8am - 8pm EST by calling 1-800-NO-BIRDS. We look forward to solving your pest bird control problems.

Environmental groups, healthcare agencies and even OSHA have recognized the significant health risks pest bird can pose, and companies and homeowners that don’t have effective bird control solutions in place are assuming unnecessary and potentially costly risks.

The best solution: Keep birds and bird damage in check by installing effective bird control systems by Bird Barrier.

Bird Barrier is the leading provider of private and commercial bird control solutions, offering the most innovative and cost-efficient bird control products available in today’s market. From nesting sites to roosting areas, Bird Barrier’s products can be tailored to suit the needs of any business, boat or home. We offer a complete line of bird control methods and ideal for exterior applications as well as solutions designed to battle pest problems that occur from birds in warehouse and semi-enclosed storage areas.

Our humane bird control solutions include a variety of products that are easy to install including do-it-yourself kits ideal for homeowners and boat owners. For those who prefer professional installation, Bird Barrier can recommend an installer in your area who can sanitize and install your products to ensure the solution you choose is as effective as it can be.

Pest birds can be noisy, smelly, unsightly, destructive and even dangerous to your health. No matter what type of bird control problem you’re having, we have the solution. Browse our site or contact us today to learn how our bird control services and products can help you tackle your pest bird problems.