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  • Airside Pro

    Airside operators are the ‘eyes and ears’ of the airfield team and spend much of their shifts on the airfield patrolling, inspecting and addressing situations. The team of airside operators works in a high risk, safety critical environment requiring effective decision making, problem solving and technical skills. Since airside operators work solo most of the time, their actions are mostly based on personal judgement, knowledge and experience.

  • Version Airside Pro - Platform for Interactive Airside Management Software

    Version Airside Pro - Platform for Interactive Airside Management Software

    Airside Pro connects airside personnel, management and external stakeholders on an interactive platform of information which facilitates real time communication and collaboration and keeps everybody up to date with the current situation. It provides the best possible sense of situational awareness of the airside area.

  • Airside Pro - Mobile Application

    Airside Pro - Mobile Application

    Although every airport is different, the role of airside operators covers a multitude of standardized tasks including inspections, general tasks and reporting of situations of attention. Airside Pro is the indispensable tool for optimal team performance. The all in one tablet application connects all airside operators in an interactive network. Everything airside operators need is integrated in one user friendly tool, resulting in more situational...

  • Airside Pro - Web Application

    Airside Pro - Web Application

    Airside operators share the responsibilities for airside safety and efficiency. Managing an airside team is a challenge, because the operators are constantly moving around the airport. Therefore communication is essential. Airside Pro offers managers a great tool to communicate with the team and get an overview on the actual status of operations as well as insight in long term data.

  • Airside Pro - Version Plus - Wildlife Module

    Airside Pro - Version Plus - Wildlife Module

    The presence of wildlife on and near airports is a serious risk for safety of aircraft. However, management of wildlife is not an easy task. Monitoring wildlife presence and behavior is a vital part in finding solutions that work on the long term. In recent years more and more airports have started reporting on wildlife presence and management activity, but this still involves a lot of paperwork. Data often flows in one direction: from airside to...