Bison Engineering, Inc.

Bison Engineering, Inc.

Bison Engineering, Inc. is an employee-owned environmental consulting and technical services firm specializing in air quality. We are proud of, and are known for, our client advocacy, technical excellence, and depth of experience. We help create balanced solutions to complex environmental regulatory issues. Since 1980 we have been trusted advisers and service providers for clients across the country and across a wide range of industries. Bison offers a comprehensive set of services related to air quality regulatory compliance including: •Air quality permit application preparation •Emissions testing •Ambient air quality and meteorology monitoring •Air dispersion modeling analyses •Case-specific regulatory applicability and requirements assessments •Air quality and climate impacts evaluation for environmental studies •General compliance guidance and non-compliance assistance •Data collection, processing, and reporting for compliance demonstrations •Exhaust gas monitoring syst

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1400 11th Avenue , Helena , MT 59601 USA
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Engineering service provider
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Regionally (various states or provinces)
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Bison Engineering's Mission

Bison Engineering’s mission is to provide professional insight, engineering and environmental solutions to protect the environment and our clients’ bottom lines. We value long-term relationships with our clients. To make that possible we provide reliable, consistent and top-notch service while honoring commitments, meeting deadlines and standing behind our recommendations and decisions. Bison Engineering designs innovative and cost-effective solutions to bridge the gap between past practices and future compliance with environmental regulations. We also track changing regulations, allowing us to determine the best course of action for a specific situation. As a proactive engineering firm, Bison Engineering will represent our clients’ best interests during investigations, negotiations and litigation, providing expert witness testimony.

We strive to provide our clients’ future needs – today!

Since 1980 Bison Engineering has provided unequaled professional environmental consulting, testing, and monitoring services to our clients.