BITControl is an enterprise in water and wastewater technology. Our team of engineers has extensive knowledge in the design and construction of waste water plants. Our knowledge is incorporated into the Aqua Designer Software package for the design and equipment of waste water plants. For suppliers in wastewater technology, we offer adaption of our product to special methods or construction units. Through specialization in the field of wastewater technology we have profound experience in this field and offer consulting services to the designer of the wastewater plant. We offer consulting services fo the plant designer. Our specialization enables us to present and design solutions in high quality and short time. Together with you we optimize methods and concepts.

Company details

Auf dem Sauerfeld 20 , Nattenheim , D-54636 Germany

Locations Served


Business Type:
Software vendor
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Use our extensive experience to solve individual problems. In problems with the waste water plant operation we will provide improvements and solutions. Optimizing plant operations may considerably reduce operationg costs. We analyze individual plant functions and suggest cost saving changes. A special service for our customers is the consultation in the technical wastewater plant problems. As specialists in community wastewater technology, our experience is at your service.

The residence of BITCONTROL was consciously put far away from the hectic atmosphere of the congested areas into the „center of Europe“ into the scenic, geological and cultural appealing Eifel. This environment coins the firm culture and the relationship with our clients.  

Two role models accompany our work since establishment: First priority at the product developing and conversion has got the customers satisfaction. An important condition for this is that experiences from the planning and operation are considered in our products and services.

That becomes clear also by a short view on our firm history: 
BITCONTROL was founded in may 1999. At the beginning were development and selling of PROVI, the software for operation of treatment plants. For some years this is also used for water supply and biogas plants.

To the turn of the year 2002/2003 the planning software AQUADESIGNER was bought in addition, which is sold world-wide in nine languages.

Both software packages where constantly developed in exchange with the users and adapted to new requirements. Parallel to the planning and operation software a qualified process technology consultation was constructed so that BITCONTROL today is considered as the waste water expert of the region.