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  • Tuas Seawater Desalination Plant

    Tuas Seawater Desalination Plant

    Black & Veatch designed the largest membrane desalination plant in Southeast Asia to help Singapore reach a critical technical milestone in its drive to overcome drinking water supply issues. The island of Singapore is among the world`s 20 smallest ...

  • Wastewater Treatment Works

    Wastewater Treatment Works

    Margate and Broadstairs, two of the principal towns in northeastern Kent, attract thousands of visitors each summer to enjoy the beaches and countryside within easy reach of London. Such popularity comes with a cost. The infrastructure serving the ...

  • Lake Lenexa Stormwater Management Project

    Lake Lenexa Stormwater Management Project

    Using cutting-edge technologies to significantly upgrade wastewater treatment in coastal areas, B&V Water helped Southern Water keep pace with the requirements of new UK and EU legislation. B&V Water took an innovative approach to turn ...

  • Northwest Side Relief Sewer

    Northwest Side Relief Sewer

    Meticulous planning, design and construction management went into devising reliable solutions for this award-winning tunnel project that alleviated persistent flooding and improved the community`s water quality. Like many U.S. cities, Milwaukee ...

  • Newtons Cove Coast Protection Scheme

    Newtons Cove Coast Protection Scheme

    Using tried and tested techniques, B&V Water River & Coastal Management experts replaced an existing seawall and won an environmental award in the process. The chilled rough waters of the English Channel have pounded and eroded the coast of ...

  • Security Modifications

    Security Modifications

    B&V Energy provided major security upgrades on a tight timetable to help the nuclear facility comply with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) directive to fortify against increasingly sophisticated attackers. After the attacks on September ...

  • Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization System

    Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization System

    Installing the optimum wet flue gas desulfurization technology, B&V Energy is bringing superior multi-pollutant removal technology to the North American utility marketplace. To help make a positive impact on the global environment and to comply ...

  • Standard Chlorine of Delaware Remediation

    Standard Chlorine of Delaware Remediation

    By designing a 70-foot deep barrier wall, Black & Veatch was able to cut off contaminant source areas from a creek near New Castle, Delaware. The groundwater treatment system that Black & Veatch designed prevents site contamination from ...

  • Kansas Community Benefits by Turning Trouble into Treasure

    Kansas Community Benefits by Turning Trouble into Treasure

    (February 2006, as appeared in APWA Reporter  http://www.apwa.net/Publications/Reporter/) Successful stormwater solutions abound in LenexaHistoric wisdom helped shape future planning in Lenexa, Kansas, where city and public works leaders have put ...

    Donald W. Baker; Les Lampe; Michael T. Beezhold