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  • Blackhawk - Pump Controller

    Blackhawk - Pump Controller

    Conventional pump controllers run fast, then stop—on and off, like a light switch. As a result, pump production is inconsistent, and operating costs are high. Stop-and-go performance is hard on critical machinery, too. As requirements for pump efficiency and effectiveness continue to rise, operators look to technological improvements to meet their higher performance goals. The new generation is here.

  • Blackhawk - Solar Powered Pneumatic Pump Controller

    Blackhawk - Solar Powered Pneumatic Pump Controller

    Blackhawk’s solar powered pneumatic pump controller manages air consumption by turning the air supply to the pump ON and OFF based on timer functions or based on input from level sensors in the well or sump. Using solar power means the controller can be installed virtually anywhere. You don’t have the expense and maintenance issues of running electricity to your wells. The solar panel charges a maintenance free gel battery that provides...