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  • Training ROI

    Training ROI

    Is Your Training Investment Paying Off?Prove it! One of the biggest challenges trainers face is a resistance to training from both middle and upper management. Supervisors and managers are frustrated at taking time away from work to train, and top management isn't convinced that time spent on training is time well spent. You can convince both groups that training is crucial by proving to them that training doesn't take employees away from their work;...

  • Management and Supervisory Training

    Management and Supervisory Training

    How well are YOU managing Risks? Effective training enables your organization to comply with all legal requirements, thereby avoiding costly lawsuits, audits, and fines. Training also enables your employees to make the most of their organization’s investments by: Developing knowledge and skills that make them more productive and efficient Learning to use equipment and technology properly and effectively Learning to work in ways that avoid...

  • Mandatory EHS Employee Training

    Mandatory EHS Employee Training

    Are YOU in compliance with all the EPA, OSHA, and DOT Mandatory Training Requirements? Many federal EPA, DOT, and OSHA employee training requirements direct employers to inform, educate, and train employees to protect themselves, the public, or the environment from workplace hazards. A few employee training requirements are very prescriptive, such as detailed steps to certification. But most are 'performance-based' in that they set qualitative goals,...

  • Training Program Reinforcement

    Training Program Reinforcement

    Reinforcing Your Employee Training – Are You SURE Your Training Program Is Effective? Reinforcing Your TrainingTraining is a process, not an event. For training to be effective, the employee has to apply what is learned on the job—otherwise, all of the time, money, and effort spent on the training is wasted. That means training doesn't end when trainees leave the session. Unfortunately, too many trainers and managers forget an essential...

  • Hispanic Worker Training

    Hispanic Worker Training

    Trainers need to find ways to hurdle language barriers. While English is a second language for an increasing percentage of the workforce, employers are still obligated to make sure Hispanic and other immigrant employees understand training provided to them. It's not enough to make a presentation if you know that members of your audience may not be able to understand or use the information effectively. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration...

  • 7-Minute Safety Traine

    7-Minute Safety Traine

    Now you can stop worrying and procrastinating about OSHA safety meetings. Here's the resource that's done all the hard preparation for you,7 Minute Safety Trainer. It delivers complete 7-minute meetings - from outlines... to speakers notes... to reproducible handouts. Select from more than 100 key occupational health and safety meeting topics, and then copy the reproducible handouts. You're ready to go with a brief and effective safety meeting that...

  • 10-Minute HR Traine

    10-Minute HR Traine

    Your Challenge: Limit your organization’s liability for supervisor and employee words and actions, without the cost and time commitment of standard training programs. BLR’s Solution: The soup-to-nuts kit that provides everything you need to deliver fast employment law training classes -- without pulling your key contributors away from core...

  • OSHA Training System

    OSHA Training System

    Updated to include GHS Requirements!This coordinated safety training program delivering everything you need to conduct required OSHA training in one package. Get effective safety training results with this easy-to-use system that combines prewritten lesson plans and powerful take-home booklets.