Blue Castle Developments CA LLC - SmartTrash

Blue Castle Developments CA LLC - SmartTrash

Blue Castle Developments, CA, LLC has partnered with SmartTrash for its global business development, providing you a solution to your waste problems that saves you money, time and energy. Our Wireless, Fully Automated Compactor Monitoring technology alerts you and your hauler as to when your compactor is actually full and ready to empty, eliminating unnecessary expensive pick-up costs.

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1900 Powell Street, Suite 600 , Emeryville , 94608 California USA
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Waste Management
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Globally (various continents)
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Blue Castle Developments, CA, LLC is a boutique consultancy providing specialist solutions to a wide range industry of commercial businesses and organizations. We are investors in small to medium enterprises, with a focus on making them sustainable & energy efficient, adding green technologies where possible. We are passionate about doing things right, and continuously going that extra mile.

Our sole objective is to encourage synergies and links between companies, to improve resource efficiency, including solutions to reduce waste and recycling costs, carbon footprint, improve revenue and identify and execute initiatives to drive sustainable value and growth. Using our wealth of experience, we are hands on, results driven and dedicated in assisting your organization to develop a sustainable and practical improvement program that will deliver real change within, and improve how resources are managed. We have engaged in partnerships with carefully selected environmental & technology companies in order to further promote sustainable products and services to achieve this.
We partner with you and WE make a difference!

Mission Statement: Our mission is to create long-term growth and value for our future, by achieving environmental excellence together with our employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Company Background: Blue Castle Developments CA, LLC is a limited liability company and was incorporated in California in 2011.

Leading the way in the most effective compactor monitoring solutions.

SmartTrash is a unique worldwide solution to the costs, problems and environmental impact of your waste!

Designed in the United States over 20 years ago, SmartTrash is continuously being developed by our team of highly skilled technical engineers. We combine our industry knowledge and experience to help businesses and organisations lower waste and recycling costs by reducing the number of times your compactor(s) is emptied.

SmartTrash is a true management system, which is guaranteed to save you money, time and meet your organisations sustainability goals.