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  • BOA - Rubber Belt Conveyor

    BOA - Rubber Belt Conveyor

    A rubber belt conveyor of BOA Recycling Equipment can be applied for several purposes. For instance, the BOA rubber belt conveyor (type RB) can be used as: a sorting belt in picking lines, a bunker belt (collect and store), feeding conveyor and discharge conveyor. In general, this type of conveyor is suitable to transport various kinds of (waste) material for many applications.

  • Chain Belt Conveyor

    Chain Belt Conveyor

    The chain belt conveyors of BOA Recycling Equipment can be used for many applications. It is often applied as a feed conveyor to transport materials to balers or to other waste processing machines. Other ways to use our chain conveyor (in e.g. recycling or recovery facilities) are: Bunker belt conveyor: to store or collect;Discharge conveyor: to carry away or transfer;Load conveyor: to dump heavy loads onto; Its general purpose is to convey various...

  • Steel Belt Conveyor

    Steel Belt Conveyor

    Conveying (a large part of) sharp materials, such as glass? Or dealing with heavy loads? The steel belt conveyors of BOA Recycling Equipment are very solid and resistant to sharp materials. Thanks to its strong and robust construction, this type of conveyor can easily handle heavyweight and continuous loads.

  • Circulation Belt Conveyor

    Circulation Belt Conveyor

    The circulation belt conveyors of BOA Recycling Equipment are often applied in the corrugated industry. The BOA circulation belts convey for example trim waste, faulty or surplus cardboard material, usually with the following purpose: to discharge to another conveyor or an air exhaustion system, to transport to other machines, such as a shredder.

  • Moving Floor Conveyor

    Moving Floor Conveyor

    The moving floor conveyors provided by BOA have a bunker function in waste sorting systems and are often applied to collect and dose recycling and waste materials. More specifically:Material is loaded on the moving floor conveyor at the beginning of a waste sorting system.Separated waste materials from a waste stream are collected on the floor (bunker) to be further processed.