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Bokashicycle LLC

Bokashicycle`s mission is to educate, alert, and by customer support and participation make our planet a safer and better place. It is important to heal the planet in everyway possible as we go about our business. Understanding and committing to practices that are truly sustainable takes courage, involves change, requires forethought and action but gives in return treasures for the effort. Keeping your food scraps out of the garbage can, keeping them out of landfills, out of the sewers, and putting them back into the soil after proper fermentation completes an important natural cycle. The BokashiCyclette makes it easy. The nutrients you could not consume return once again to the planet in a form your flowers, vegetables, and crops can readily assimilate. A sustainable and healthy planet is possible.

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1910 Thomes Ave , Cheyenne , WY 82001 USA
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Waste Management
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Nationally (across the country)

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We produce a lot of waste. If we ferment our table scraps instead of dumping them we save

  • money (less trash to pay someone to haul away),
  • (less fuel required to haul and handle the waste), and perhaps most importantly
  • stop the tons of carbon dioxide, heat, and methane gas
  • that would have by composting or dumping in the landfill entered into the atmosphere.

Bokashicycle was founded by Dr. Lawrence Green in late 2008. There had to be a better way. The answer was obvious. Take away the oxygen. Let the microbes do the work.

'Bokashi' means in Japanese 'fermented organic matter'. We need to ferment our waste material, converting it to something useful without polluting.

Produce without pollution

That's it, a simple solution. Use anaerobic (lack of oxygen) methods to ferment food scraps taken from consumer's plates, kitchens, cafeterias, restaurants, jails, schools, hotels and anywhere else food scraps are discarded (trashed) and get them back into the ground. Food scraps kept out of the trash and out of garbage disposals and treated with a Bokashi culture mix are changed in a miraculous way. The fermenting food scraps are pickled in just 10 days. When they are placed in the ground and then covered with dirt, soil microbes go to work. In about 2 weeks the enriched soil is ready to accept seeds or plants. Plants grow faster, are healthier without our dependence on artificial fertilizers, and complete an important part of the cycle.

The Bokashicycle name and logo are significant. We are trying to illustrate that there is a natural cycle at play. The food is consumed. Food that is left over or spoiled should not go into the trash (eggs. cheese, meats, etc). It is fermented (not composted) in our BokashiCyclettes. The contents are mixed in the dirt after fermenting and the soil is ready for seeds or seedlings and in a short time. Produce including fruits and vegetables are harvested and consumed, thereby completing the cycle. Planted roses, shrubs, flowers of all types and even indoor plants will thrive with the enriched soil produced with Bokashi.

We have made it simple for you to participate. Just make a purchase of the BokashiCycle fermenting system and you are ready to start. Most waste management haulers charge by the size of the can or by the schedule for trash hauling. You should be able to save money immediately by either reducing the size of your trash container or changing the pick-up schedule.

Follow the simple directions and you will become a member in the community of individuals who want to change the way we have been treating our planet.

A Bokashicycle Fermenting System is not only efficient and simple but fun too! You simply add a sprinkle of culture mix over each layer of waste you put into the system. Smelly garbage odors are gone. You collect the tea and dilute it to use as a fertilizer. You mix the 'pickled' food scraps with soil...and enjoy vibrant healthy plants.

You can ferment any thing that is plant derived or organic including yard waste, food scraps of all kinds (dairy, meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables) and even pet waste! We offer a wide variety of fermenting systems and you can order refills and supplies at any time they are needed.