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  • Life Time Support

    Life Time Support

    Our global installed base is more than 6500 machines and installations in operation. Apart from supplying the best quality equipment, we feel that we must do everything in our power to ensure that our customers can continue their operations. Nobody wants downtime, and it is our task to ensure as little downtime as possible. In terms of after-sales this means: ensuring that wearables, spare parts and replacement parts are immediately...

  • Spare Parts Service

    Spare Parts Service

    Preventative Maintenance To Minimise Downtime; That is why carefully planning the replacement of parts subject to wear and having critical spare parts in stock are of vital importance. We will be pleased to advise you on keeping a stock of suitable spare parts. This advice is based on your needs. Despite a strategic preventative maintenance plan it is always possible for a malfunction to occur. Spare parts are often needed straight away. That is why...

  • Bollegraaf Academy Services

    Bollegraaf Academy Services

    Knowledge is power! This old adage also applies to operating the installations of Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions. Knowledge about the construction and operation of the baler will benefit productivity and the operational life of the machine. That’s why Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions has developed a training programme for those who work with the machines in practice.

  • Maintenance Plan

    Maintenance Plan

    The changing composition of the feed material, needs and requirements with respect to output and continuously varying prices are daily examples. Techniques do not stand still. In the current business processing, optimum tonnage is very important. The amount and purity of the processed secondary raw material should and can often be better.

  • Request for ROI Scan

    Request for ROI Scan

    The days that executives only look for the lowest initial investment are over. The key question for any business case is: what will the total investment bring me eventually. Integral processing of costs and revenues are issues that require intensive co-operation between buyer and supplier. A co-operation based on the clients’ principles such as the purity of the output, degree of automation, process tonnage and other client-specific needs.