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  • Enabling Clean Water for 25 years

    Enabling Clean Water for 25 years

    Water-well drilling equipment company Boode has been active in groundwater abstraction since 1897, later focusing on supplying PVC well casings and screen systems. Its UK concern, established by Stan and Scott Dronsfield, celebrates 25 years in ...

    Scott Dronsfield

  • The Future of Drinking Water

    The Future of Drinking Water

    Predicted future growth in population numbers and rising sea levels mean demand for drinking water will continue to increase just as the natural availability of freshwater decreases. It is likely that brackish groundwater will be an important source ...

  • Storing Heat Underground

    Storing Heat Underground

    Underground thermal energy storage (UTES) is a system that uses inter-seasonal heat storage, storing excess heat from the summer for use in winter heating, and the cooling potential from winter for cooling in summer. A cost-effective, low-energy ...

    Scott Dronsfield;Nick Boid