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Boral Resources is the undisputed leader in supplying fly ash to the concrete industry. Derived from burning coal, fly ash is a valuable additive that makes concrete stronger, more durable and easier to work with. With nearly 20 million tons of ash products under management annually, Boral Resources offers concrete producers the support they need to make ash a part of their everyday production. Fly ash sources in 30 states are linked to a nationwide network of terminals and transportation equipment - ensuring customers receive quality material when they need it. In addition to unparalleled customer service, Boral Resources maintains its own extensive laboratory and engineering capabilities. Highly qualified chemists, materials scientists and engineers are on hand to ensure product quality and assist in solving challenges faced by individual customers.

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America's Coal Ash Leader

Headwaters Resources is the nation’s preeminent manager and marketer of CCPs. Operating nationwide, Headwaters provides unparalleled logistical support for its clients and customers. No other coal ash marketer invests as much as Headwaters Resources in creating widespread support for coal combustion product utilization. Focusing on quality and reliability, our marketing efforts emphasize the performance value of CCPs as well as the attendant environmental benefits.

Headwaters is also a leader in creating value for clients interested in delegating non-core functions. More than a typical service provider, Headwaters Resources and our sister company Headwaters Plant Services are a solutions provider, focused on creative uses of manpower and technology.

Headwaters Resources is the best-equipped and most highly-focused service provider in the North American coal combustion products industry today. We put our assets to work creating value for our clients and customers alike.

With nearly 20 million tons of coal combustion products (“CCPs”) under contract and locations nationwide, Headwaters Resources, a division of Headwaters Incorporated, is the nation’s preeminent manager and marketer of CCPs.

Headwaters fields an experienced management team that emphasizes decision-making on the regional and local levels.  With corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, Headwaters  offers an array of support services.  For instance, materials research laboratories in Atlanta, Georgia; San Antonio, Texas; and Salt Lake City provide a full range of research and testing capabilities.  Engineering groups in Atlanta and Salt Lake City also provide support to region operations.  A Salt Lake City-based Transportation group negotiates high volume freight rates with railroads and trucking companies, as well as coordinates operations of the Company’s extensive transportation fleet.

ISG Resources was formed in October 1997.  Since then, ISG successfully acquired and integrated many regionally-focused coal combustion product managers and marketers to form a national network with premier customer relationships.  ISG was purchased by Headwaters Incorporated in 2002, and formally changed its name to Headwaters Resources, Inc. in 2004.

Company Organization

Today, Headwaters Resources employs more than 600 people, serving utility clients and end-use customers across the United States and southern Canada.  Headwaters’ sister companies, Headwaters Plant Services, Headwaters Construction Materials, Eldorado Stone, and The Tapco Group, employ almost 2,900 people, totaling more than 3,000 employees in 35 states.

Corporate headquarters for the Company are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Corporate management directly supervises research and development functions and commercialization of new technologies.  This includes oversight of Headwaters research and laboratory facilities in Atlanta, Georgia.  Corporate Engineering and Transportation groups in Salt Lake City provide additional support to operational regions of the Company.  Also reporting directly to Corporate officers are Legal and Risk Management, Human Resources and Safety functions.

The Company’s operations are organized into three major divisions:  Headwaters’ East, Central, and West Regions are responsible for bulk CCP management and marketing operations within specified geographic areas.  These divisions are headquartered respectively in Michigan; Texas; and Utah.  Operational regions serve local utility clients and end-use customers more efficiently.

Because of our national presence, the HRI enjoys advantages in both logistics and sales.  Operating more than 29 free-standing terminals and a railcar fleet of over 1,500 cars, Headwaters is able to negotiate favorable rail rates on a national basis.  The Company enjoys similar purchasing power with trucking contractors in those areas where national trucking firms compete.  Headwaters also has initiated a program to form national customer relationships with large ready mixed concrete producers.

Marketing To Traditional Ash Applications

Headwaters Resources takes an assertive approach to marketing fly ash for traditional applications, such as ready mixed concrete.  With national sales of ASTM C-618 quality ash approaching 6 million tons annually, Headwaters is far and away the market leader in this form of marketing.

Headwaters supports its sales program by focusing on customer desires for quality and reliability.  Marketing efforts emphasize the performance value of coal combustion products, as well as the attendant environmental benefits.  A comprehensive quality control system ensures that customers receive ash that conforms to their specifications, and extensive investment in transportation equipment and terminal facilities provides reliability of supply.  By stressing these program attributes, Headwaters is able to build solid long-term customer relationships.

Promoting Increased CCP Use

Headwaters has taken a leadership role in developing productive working relationships with state and federal legislative and regulatory bodies to encourage favorable public policy and programs and provides active and timely responses to any challenges that arise.  Legislation puts Congressional weight behind procurement guidelines, encourages agencies to find new CCP uses, and mandates a utilization study by EPA, DOE, and FHWA. (For more information about the current federal status of fly ash and related CCPs, visit Citizens for Recycling First.)

Headwaters has developed several products that increase market penetration for road bases, structural fills, industrial fillers and agricultural applications. In addition to developing new products that utilize high volumes of fly ash, Headwaters has focused on increasing the utilization of ash in building products that have traditionally been fly ash free.  These include mortars and stuccos, and to some degree blocks and related masonry products.

In addition to extensive marketing services, Headwaters has the resources, personnel, and technical expertise to provide total long-term management programs as well as specific CCP management services.  Some of the services offered by Headwaters include:

  • Ash pond clean outs
  • Product laboratory testing and analysis
  • Disposal operation
  • Engineering, design, and construction
  • Handling and storage equipment design and construction
  • Landfill design, permitting, construction, operation, closure and post closure
  • Market studies
  • Marketing and utilization
  • Operation and maintenance of FGD fixation facilities
  • Research and development services
  • Sales
  • Site assessments
  • Solid waste management consulting