As of January 1, 2011 an even stronger team is found under the Bosch Rexroth brand with Hägglunds Drives now fully integrated into Bosch Rexroth Bosch Rexroth manufactures complete Hägglunds drive systems including a wide range of hydraulic motors, accessories, power units and control system. Investing in drives with our control and monitoring system makes interfacing easier and even possible to monitor operations remotely over the net. All our high performance products are solidly based on well-proven reliable technology and designed to drive the equipment used in a wide range of applications. Complete drive systems that meet or exceed all demands of performance.

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Västerselsvägen 12 , Mellansel , 89042 Sweden

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Manufacturing, Other
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Globally (various continents)
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Over 1000
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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No one is more qualified to meet your drive system needs than Hägglunds drive systems from Bosch Rexroth.

Since introducing the first Hägglunds hydraulic radial piston motor almost half a century ago, we’ve been helping customers worldwide manage the toughest tasks in the roughest industrial environments. Today Hägglunds drive systems are part of Bosch Rexroth wide range of drive and control solutions.

Simply put, our unique hydraulic drive systems are your best assurance of performance, flexibility and reliability in high-demand applications.

What we deliver always delivers.

Hägglunds drive systems begin with a hydraulic motor, but they represent a powerful combination of products. Drive units, control units and other components form a modular system that is easily tailored to your specific needs. Alone or together, these products bring you the highest standards of reliability and durability.

World wide coverage

A global leader in industrial drive solutions, Bosch Rexroth are present  world-wide.  We are where you are – with short lead times and fast, comprehensive service that answers your needs.


A Hägglunds drive system from Bosch Rexroth contains a hydraulic motor, drive unit and a control system.

Drive systems are used in a wide range of industries, for example in: mining, recycling, pulp and paper, rubber and plastics, offshore, fishing, building and construction.

Our strength is simply explained.

The more complex something is, the more there is to go wrong. Hägglunds drive systems from Bosch Rexroth give you power without the complications – doing away with overdimensioning, gearboxes and heavy foundations. It’s all the result of a simple yet revolutionary idea: the direct hydraulic drive.



Powering the revolution.

A wide range of of benefits  including:

  • High starting torque for an unlimited period, with full torque from zero speed
  • Infinitely variable speed, through a gearless design that lets you fully optimise your production capacity
  • Insensitivity to shock loads, thanks to a low moment of inertia and the ability to quickly and easily limit torque
  • Space savings, due to a compact design and a direct drive concept that eliminates gearboxes and heavy foundations

A total package

Of course, many of the advantages are directly related to our radial piston motors. However, it’s our complete hydraulic systems that bring all of these benefits together.



Supplying power with precision.

A Hägglunds motor is a fully enclosed unit. Its interior is always filled with oil, which makes it naturally lubricated and vibration-proof. The key motor components are a precision cam ring and a cylinder block with pistons.

Dynamic force
When the motor is mounted, its cylinder block is fixed on the driven shaft using the through hole at its centre. The cylinder block becomes one with the shaft, with its pistons radiating outward toward the cam ring.

During operation, oil is pumped into a connection block, which in turn distributes it to the cylinder block and pistons. This causes the pistons to act against the cam ring, producing a momentum that makes the shaft rotate smoothly.

Rapid response
The speed of the shaft’s rotation is determined by the flow of oil, and the direction of rotation is changed by reversing the direction of flow through the inlets and outlets. Since the motor itself has a very low moment of inertia, all starts, stops and speed changes are directly controlled with the oil flow. More about this can be found under systems.



More than just the motor.

For most people, Hägglunds is synonymous with radial piston motors. A motor, though, is only one part of a complete hydraulic system. Surrounding it are other components – such as the power unit and control system – that help produce our unique Hägglunds benefits.

Fluid operation
Our motors are driven by an oil flow from a power unit. This is usually an enclosed cabinet that can be placed almost anywhere, containing an oil reservoir and at least one small electric motor connected to a pump.

During operation, the electric motor runs at a fixed speed. The oil flow from the pump, as well as its direction, is easily controlled by means of an electrical signal. Continuous filtering and cooling is achieved by diverting some of the outlet flow into the tank, and an additional pipe returns drain oil from the tank.

Integrated control
The power unit cabinet also contains a control system, which measures and adjusts the drive system parameters. This is most often a Hägglunds Spider unit, and it can be connected to other Spider units to create an advanced control and monitoring network.


Breaking it down into basics

Whatever you recycle, Hägglunds drive systems is up to the task – from ripping and crunching to feeding and shredding. Our drives can be started and stopped repeatedly, or reversed rapidly if anything should get caught.

With a low moment of inertia and enclosed design, they protect your machine in the roughest of duties.

Digester Drums

Sharing the load.

With their user-friendly and low-noise operation, Hägglunds drive systems let you focus on the digesting process rather than the rotating drum. Their 100% load-sharing characteristics and high starting torque get your digester drum going – no matter what the load conditions.

In addition, Hägglunds drive systems provide top reliability where you need it most. Installed in a minimal amount of space, they require only a minimal amount of maintenance. This means continuous operation, which can make all the difference for recycling plants that operate non-stop. 

Infeed Conveyor

Stop-and-go assurance.

Drives for infeed conveyors must be able to stop at a moment’s notice – always making sure the conveyor can start again with a heavy load. With their simple controls, high starting torque and heavy-duty design, Hägglunds hydraulic drives are the obvious choice for this tough application.

Hägglunds drives can provide 200-300% starting torque capacity, which ensures that even a fully loaded conveyor is up and running quickly after a stop. And once in motion, they offer continuous speed control that lets you optimise the feed to your shredder.

Metal scrap shredders – infeed roll drives

Tough on trash.

Metal scrap shredders work in harsh environments where even explosions can occur. Hägglunds drive systems from Bosch Rexroth operate flawlessly in such conditions, which increases output rates and the quality of your finished product.

Among the features that make Hägglunds drive systems a first choice for recycling is the capacity to operate at low speeds with high torque, combined with simple controls for varying speed and direction. Our drives ensure a smooth and secure feed rate to your mill, operating in fully automatic mode with direct, four-quadrant driving and braking control.

Low Speed Shredders

Tear without wear.

With their built-in ability to resist continuous shock loads and stalling conditions, Hägglunds drives are perfectly matched to tough applications like shredders. They endure an unlimited number of stops, starts and reversals, even in the most severe environments.

In addition, Hägglunds drives give you excellent overload protection, thanks to their extremely low moment of inertia and highly responsive pressure control. In doing so, they help to protect your machine and its components, which in turn reduces downtime and increases machine availability.

Pre Shredders

Ready to rip.

A pre-shredder operates with frequent peak loads, making it one of the toughest applications in the recycling industry. Hägglunds drives from Bosch Rexroth use their low moment of inertia and responsive controls to absorb the shocks in the system, thus reducing the wear on your machine and its components.

Likewise, the unique construction of our drives handles the starts and stops that are inevitable when working with tough materials. Their hydraulic control lets you start, stop and reverse automatically – an unlimited number of times and with full torque.