Welcome to Boydel Companies. Our WaterMiner - SludgeMiner- PetroMiner water scrubbing technology consists of a globally patented hybrid electrocoagulation-electro advanced oxidation device and process. Boydel's proprietary CFECT reactor is a two stage insitu EC-EAO design that has no plates, is self-cleaning, and uniquely employs a rotating cathode that drills down on the single sacrificial slab anode; with a PLC managed adjustable gap control. experience CFECT reactor consumables consumption of ~U$0.30 m3 at all feedstock treatment flows of typical sewage type feedstocks. Packaged plants for raw Sewage, raw mixed Septage, Industrial and Commercial type waste waters. We are engaged in a worldwide effort to connect with new and additional technology partners and/or full Distributor licensee's. Contact us to be a technology leader, bringing "Leap-Change" 15 minute retention time, electro-chemical wastewater scrubbing technology options to your clients. We look forward to talking you

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Inside a W300-ST Module

Containerized, virtual instant on, systems to 750,000 lpd currently.  Emergency response to flooded or huricane wind damaged areas.


Septage treatment - take continuous mixed flows of septage, FOG and portable toilets.  Treat down to under ~50 mg/L BOD-TSS with ~100% dissinfection in 15 minutes. Provide 10/10 Tertiary treatment by adding Boydel's MBBR Biominer water polish package to the treatment train. Utilize Boydel's BioMiner module polish for full and PPCP, heavy metals, pestiocdes and hydrocarbons reductions, an advanced teritiary treatment 


Sewage treatment - stand alone core technology or compliance and capacity enhancement of your exisiting overloaded sewage treatment plant. Simply stage the WaterMiner in front of your WWTP to scalp off the overloading flows for 100% treatment using WaterMiner effluent to dillute main plant flows to required standard and or bypass plant and reintroduce to final discharge piping. 


Offshore oil platform or large ship sewage and or mixed flows of bilge water, grey water and sewage.


Removal and reduction of many of the emerging and environmentally disruptive PPCP contaminants.


Sludge flows consist only of the contaminants that are originally insitu the raw water - 90% automatically disinfected in the processing; stable and ready for mechanical dewatering right off the Boydel clarifier - no digestion required.