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  • Crisis Management Services

    Crisis Management Services

    During a crisis, decision-makers who can easily access the right information at the right time and share it with one another can save more lives and minimize damage to the environment. Throughout history, however, leaders have been forced to make those life-or-death decisions based on inadequate information. It was not until the 1980s that innovative emergency experts brought the latest computer technologies to bear on the challenges of crisis...

  • Environmental Management Services

    Environmental Management Services

    Environmental compliance, deploying Environmental Management System and the need to improve and report environmental performance have become important factors in the decision making process of organizations. Environmental aspects should be managed in the same way that a company or public entity manages its core business functions and links the environmental concerns with economic considerations. Every organization is required to recognize the need for a...

  • Health & Safety Management Services

    Health & Safety Management Services

    Organizations are increasingly required to take a systematic and proactive approach to managing health and safety, environmental and quality risks. They can succeed through designing and implementing robust management systems that provide clear policies, procedures for planning and carrying out risk assessment and control, and suitable arrangements for monitoring and reviewing performance, leading to continual improvement. Integrating separate management...

  • Performance Management Services

    Performance Management Services

    The overall goal of performance management is to ensure that the organization and all of its subsystems (processes, departments, teams, employees, etc.) are working together in an optimum fashion to achieve the results desired by the organization. Achieving the overall goal requires several ongoing activities, including identification and prioritization of desired results, establishing means to measure progress toward those results, setting standards for...

  • Environmental Services

    Environmental Services

    BPC navigates environmental and health and safety regulatory complexities, conduct focused compliance evaluations, and develop compliance assistance programs. Our experts perform comprehensive, multimedia compliance evaluations related to air, water, toxics, solid and hazardous waste programs.