BPP-Cables provides cable engineering and procurement services to the offshore energy sector. It is a subsidiary of BPP-TECH and Keppel Offshore & Marine. BPP-TECH, an engineering consultancy with over 30 years’ experience and provides specialist engineering, research & development, and project management services to the hydrocarbon and renewable energy markets throughout the world. Keppel Offshore & Marine, is the global leader in offshore rig design, construction and repair, ship repair and conversion, and specialised shipbuilding. BPP-Cables was established to focus on capabilities and services in marine cable engineering. The company has positioned itself in the supply chain to reduce the risks of both the operators and the manufacturers. BPP-Cables strives to continually improve its products and services.

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City Tower, 40 Basinghall Street , London , EC2V 5DE United Kingdom

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Engineering service provider
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The most critical stage in the development of a subsea power cable is in its specification. Done diligently, this provides the basis for a robust design, and development will provide the foundations for a high performance, efficient and cost-effective cable.

BPP-Cables can optimise your power cable to reflect your project requirements. Our objective is to eliminate the risks associated with under-engineering the subsea power cable, whilst lowering the lifetime costs sometimes associated with a generic design.

BPP-Cables' engineers are highly qualified and multi-disciplined. The team offers advanced technical solutions tailored to your installation and operating environment.

Whatever the challenges, BPP-Cables will design, analyse and develop the most appropriate cable and system designs to maximise the operating performance on your project.

The software BPP-Cables uses, including its own in-house unique design software, enables global and local analyses of all applicable electrical, thermal and mechanical loading conditions.

The practical output provides storage, handling, installation, and operational guidelines. All software used has been developed and verified on projects around the world.

We provide peer reviews of existing studies based on our extensive experience. We evaluate and optimise designs using a collection of industry standard and our in-house validated software models. Our materials laboratory provides sample analysis and testing.

Cables are an increasingly important element of subsea development projects, especially those in deepwater.

Services include:

  • Local & Global Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Hydrodynamic Analysis
  • Fatigue & Service Life Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

Dynamic Analysis is usually carried out using OrcaFlex software, covering elements such as: normal operation; extreme storms or other events; clashing and interface loads. Fatigue life estimates use S-N data generated for cable component materials that have been fatigue tested under representative loading conditions.

Finite Element Analysis using ABAQUS or ANSYS is carried out for design verification, parametric model generation, local fatigue loading and local stress concentration.

BPP Cables provide Delivery Management of offshore umbilicals and cables.

Our engineers and inspectors have significant experience in providing:

  • design and tender review
  • assistance with specifications
  • documentation control
  • overseeing manufacture
  • transportation
  • load-out
  • supervision of installation and commissioning

BPP-Cables supply power cables to the most challenging projects.

We provide effective support throughout your project, providing high value, ensuring your critical infrastructure meets tight deadlines. Wherever the need is – in the office, at manufacturing plants, on the quayside or offshore – we provide the necessary highly qualified and skilled people to ensure you achieve your ambitions.