Brandeis Machinery & Supply Company

Brandeis Machinery (a division of Bramco) has sold, serviced and rented mining and construction equipment, products and services in partnership with our suppliers from a base in Kentucky and Indiana. We offer full parts/service/planned maintenance packages and a rental lineup. You name it - we sell, service and rent it!

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1801 Watterson Trail , Louisville , Kentucky 40299 USA

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Nationally (across the country)

Brandeis Machinery & Supply Company is a subsidiary of Bramco Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.  Brandeis, together with its sister company, Power Equipment Company, constitutes one of the largest construction and mining equipment distribution networks in the United States.  Together they have fourteenbranches throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Northern Mississippi and Eastern Arkansas. Brandeis offers the most complete line of mining and construction equipment and services available.  We are committed to doing what it takes to make superior product support a reality.  Our goal is to help you, our customers, to reduce costs and to provide you with complete product satisfaction.  Brandeis can help you by . . . focusing on solutions! 

We recognize that all customers are not the same.  Each requires unique solutions to their specific needs.  Being in business since 1908, and involved in Total Quality Management since 1990, Brandeis recognizes the need to treat each customer on an individual basis.

Brandeis' mission is to sell, rent and service construction, mining and related handling/processing equipment to a wide variety of customers when working in Kentucky and Indiana.