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  • Biological Wastewater Treatment

    Brentwood’s fixed-film systems use structured-sheet media to deliver efficient and stable biological treatment for municipal and industrial wastewater applications. Our media modules are engineered to provide optimal treatment efficiency and an ideal environment for biofilm growth.

  • AccuFAS - Submerged Fixed Film System

    AccuFAS - Submerged Fixed Film System

    Complexities such as stringent discharge limits, space constraints, and regional variations present a growing burden for plants facing demands to treat greater flows. Brentwood’s AccuFAS FBBR system offers a flexible solution for facilities requiring greater treatment capacity in existing basins, better nitrification with consistent seasonal performance, and biological nutrient removal to meet strict effluent total nitrogen limits. For...

  • Trickling Filter System

    Trickling Filter System

    A time-tested technology, trickling filters offer a simple, cost-effective, energy-efficient treatment solution. With more than 500 trickling filter installations worldwide, Brentwood’s media and components have been optimized to guarantee the best performance for any application. By maximizing surface area in a given volume, Brentwood’s structured-sheet media provides an ideal environment for microorganism growth.