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  • Secondary Containment Products

  • Engineered Steel Berms

    Engineered Steel Berms

    This secondary Containment is engineered to withstand the catastrophic failure of the Primary Storage Tank. It is recommended for use in high volume tank situations – Refinery Tanks, Multiple Tank Farms, etc and in Permanent Storage Facilities.

  • CMR Steel Secondary Containment

    CMR Steel Secondary Containment

    The 20 CMR STEEL is G-90 Galvanized with an ULTRA DEEP CORRUGATION. The depth of corrugation ensures the structural integrity against the hydrostatic pressure of a full berm. This allows the use of narrower gauge steel resulting in enhanced structural stability. Furthermore, the Roll-forming and Radius-forming of the 20CMR Steel is completely computer controlled providing exact crimping of the panel without the elongation of the steel as occurs with...

  • Galfan Steel Dikes

    Galfan Steel Dikes

    In order to provide the finest secondary containment possible Bristar Containment Industries Ltd. and Twister Pipe began using GALFAN in our containment packages. While the appearance of GALFAN steel is quite similar to that of conventional galvanized steel, GALFAN offers a clear improvement over regular galvanizing in a number of areas but particularly that of corrosion resistance.

  • Geomembrane Liners

    Geomembrane Liners

    The First Truly Tough Liners to Fully Meet All Regulatory Requirements. These liners are designed for use in all 'less than perfect' situations; cold weather, isolated regions, high traffic areas, remediation sites and tank farms. It is suitable for all dike situations remaining U.V. stable and flexible in cold temperatures.

  • Crossover Stiles

    Crossover Stiles

    Employ 'confined space' Procedures When entering Into Berms. The first and perhaps only commercially available “crossover” style built to meet all occupational Health & Safety Codes. It is fully galvanized for years of durable service.

  • Barrel Drum Docks

    Barrel Drum Docks

    Provides 3-sided weather protection. Complies with regulatory requirements. From 6 To 30 drum designs available. Built-in secondary containment. Sliding front doors option is available. Designed to regulatory code; EUB G-SS,7.0 7.3c. Prefabricated and ready for trucking.

  • Quick Rings (HAZMAT)

    Quick Rings (HAZMAT)

    Bristar Quick Rings have multiple uses. The ring holding 3600 gallons or more may be set up in less than 10 minutes, even by one man! These Rings are radius formed steel sheets which interlock together to form a ring. A temporary liner is spread inside of the ring and over the top and then strapped into place with 10,000 lb straps.

  • Tank Pad Rings

    Tank Pad Rings

    Final preparation prior to setting tanks within the berm and above the geomembrane may be problematic. To ease this process Bristar brings you the Corrugated Tank Pad Ring. This ring is larger than the diameter of the tank by 12-16 inches all around and may elevate the tank by between 1 to 4 feet. The ring is filled with granular material (gravel) which may allow for the final levelling of the tank. The completed ring also provides a freer flow of a...