Brooks Instrument

Brooks Instrument

Flow meters and flow controllers by Brooks are a proven solution for flow measurement and flow control challenges. With over 60 years of experience, Brooks provides Coriolis mass flow, thermal mass flow, variable area flow meter, vacuum capacitance manometers, pressure control (pressure controllers, pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, pressure sensors and more), and level measurement technologies to improve your critical processes. For any industry, a partnership with Brooks is an investment in reliability, repeatability, accuracy and performance.

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407 West Vine Street , Hatfield , Pennsylvania 19440-0903 USA
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Waste Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)

Every day, customers turn to Brooks Instrument for solutions to their flow, pressure, vacuum and level challenges. In industries as diverse as biopharmaceuticals, oil and gas, fuel cell, solar cell, chemicals, medical devices, analytical instrumentation, and semiconductors, Brooks provides the broadest array of flow products in the market. Our award-winning flow meters and flow controllers consistently rank at the top of their category for accuracy, reliability, and user preference, as judged by the audience that matters – users of flow instruments.

But Brooks’ products are only half the story. Our customers are backed by unsurpassed technical expertise in virtually every corner of the planet. The local Brooks product and application specialist brings to each customer priceless application experience. They have been extensively trained to help you select the optimal solutions for your measurement or control needs, and offer years of experience solving application problems just like yours.

  • When technology matters: Brooks’ revolutionary MultiFlo technology offers users of thermal mass flow meters and flow controllers tremendous flexibility to satisfy a broad range of applications with one device.

  • When quality matters: A leading anesthesiology equipment supplier uses thousands of Brooks needle valves annually because of precise, repeatable ‘feel’.

  • When precision matters: A Big 5 chemical company uses Brooks thermal mass flow controllers and Quantim Coriolis mass flow controllers exclusively for their critical catalyst and process research.

  • When repeatability matters: Many leading biotechnology companies use only Brooks thermal mass flow controllers on both bench-top reactors and full production units to ensure smooth scale-up.

  • When consistent performance over a wide range of flows matters: Leading fuel cell companies worldwide specify Brooks thermal mass flow controllers for their exceptional accuracy, wide turn-down and response time.

  • When global reach matters: Leading engineering contractors select Brooks variable area flow meters for multi-national projects that require compliance with global standards because of Brooks’ local experience and global support.

  • When certifications matter: Many Brooks products are available with national laboratory-calibration traceability and certification, recognized hazardous area approvals, pressure boundary certifications, material certifications, and more.

So if you are serious about improving your process yield, throughput and product quality, choose Brooks.