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  • Automated Mercury Systems

    Increase your lab’s productivity and minimize risk of contamination. Our modular, automated systems provide the proven accuracy and reliability of Brooks Rand Instruments while conserving valuable time and skilled resources. Conduct mercury analysis overnight or concurrent with other tasks.

  • Model MERX-M - Automated Mercury Systems

    Model MERX-M - Automated Mercury Systems

    In use at Brooks Rand Labs since 2006 and introduced commercially in 2007, MERX is the world’s first commercial automated analytical system based on US EPA Method 1630 for methylmercury analysis. Around the world, numerous national environmental agencies and leading universities have quickly embraced MERX as an easy-to-use, robust, and reliable system that delivers high quality data.

  • Model MERX-T - Automated Mercury Systems

    Model MERX-T - Automated Mercury Systems

    At Brooks Rand, we firmly believe that obtaining the highest quality data is essential, but also recognize the necessity of operational efficiency. Our decades of trace level mercury analysis experience have enabled us to develop a system that achieves both of these critical goals.