Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S

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  • Analysis Software - Signal Analysis

    Different calculation tools analyse sound and vibration data in PULSE Labshop and PULSE Reflex software. FFT and CPB 1/n – Octave analysis are the most commonly used tools. These also operate inside our application-specific solutions such as those designed for structural testing or noise testing. Order analysis, envelope analysis and cepstrum analysis provide more advanced analysis on rotating machinery, bearings and gears. Steady-state response analysis is the basic tool for telephone an

  • Version Type 7702 - Order Analysis Software

    Version Type 7702 - Order Analysis Software

    Analyses imperfections in the moving parts of rotating and reciprocating machinery that cause unwanted noise and vibration. Relating measurements to revolutions of a rotating part improves knowledge about machinery such as aircraft and automotive engines, powertrains, pumps, compressors and electric motors.

  • Version Type 7773 - Envelope Analysis Software

    Version Type 7773 - Envelope Analysis Software

    Used for diagnostics/investigation of machinery where faults have an amplitude-modulating effect on the characteristic frequencies of the machinery, envelope analysis can be used for investigation of faults in gearboxes, turbines and induction motors.  Envelope analysis is also an excellent tool for diagnostics on local faults like cracks and spallings in rolling element bearings (REB).