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  • Sound Control Training / Vibration Control Training

    Sound Control Training / Vibration Control Training

    We offer product training to provide operators with a good foundation for using our products and systems. Training courses and webinars; Maintain, improve and increase your sound and vibration capabilities by signing up for a training course or webinar. The Brüel & Kjær University builds and spreads sound and vibration knowledge around the world through seminars, advanced courses and product training, covering a broad range of...

  • Customized Training

    Customized Training

    Education is key in all business successes. While our extensive portfolio of courses provides a wide range of education, it is sometimes more effective to get training tailored to specific needs and business objectives. Customized training using your equipment, installation and test objects will shorten the learning curve to get you value for your investment quickly. It ensures that you learn the specific methods, instrumentation and data-processing...