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  • Extraction Solutions

    Whether you need inert conditions for environmental applications, you depend on true compliance with official methods or you primarily go for automated, fast and reliable extractions, our products are prepared to match your specific needs. Buchi Extraction Solutions provide a flexible concept which reflects this variety and supports you to solve your specific analytical problem. A comprehensive package of support and services complements our offer.

  • BÜCHI - Model E-800 - Universal Laboratory Extractors

    BÜCHI - Model E-800 - Universal Laboratory Extractors

    The UniversalExtractor E-800 is perfectly suited to any demanding extraction task. Six distinct extraction positions enable individual process control and simultaneous operation of different extraction methods. High-speed heaters combined with sophisticated process control allow for the fastest and most reproducible extraction processes.

  • HydrolEx - Model H-506 - Acid Hydrolysis

    HydrolEx - Model H-506 - Acid Hydrolysis

    The HydrolEx H-506 performs acid hydrolysis as a sample preparation step prior to fat extraction for total fat determination. The HydrolEx H-506 offers a smooth and safe process with convenient system handling.

  • BÜCHI - Consumables - Filters & Thimbles

    BÜCHI - Consumables - Filters & Thimbles

    BUCHI provides automated classical extraction systems as well as instruments for pressurized solvent extraction. Paper thimbles and filters are requested for a variety of applications. BUCHI offers filters and thimbles with the optimal dimensions to fit the BUCHI extraction instruments.