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  • Parallel Evaporation

  • Syncore - Parallel Evaporation Analyst

    Syncore - Parallel Evaporation Analyst

    The Syncore Analyst offers efficient, gentle and environmentally friendly parallel concentration. With its clever design cross-contamination can be inhibited and recoveries are maximized. Profit from the wide range of complementary products to tailor your sample workup to your needs.

  • Syncore - Model Polyvap - Parallel Evaporation System

    Syncore - Model Polyvap - Parallel Evaporation System

    Maximize Multiple Sample Workup Efficiency. The Syncore Polyvap allows fast evaporation of up to 96 samples in parallel. Save time and increase your efficiency by evaporating multiple samples with volumes from 0.5 to 500 mL.

  • BUCHI - SyncorePlus

    BUCHI - SyncorePlus

    The new SyncorePlus instruments bring more safety and convenience to the parallel evaporation process. The SyncorePlus Analyst is perfect for evaporation of samples to a specified volume. Syncoreplus Polyvap is designed for increased sample throughput. The instruments enable: - Time-saving benefits, high analytcal precision and safety levels thanks to full process automation - Fast and gentle evaporation process with vacuum-vortex evaporation that...