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  • Remediation and RCRA/CERCLA

    Remediation and RCRA/CERCLA

    Burns & McDonnell has completed the design, construction and operation of remediation systems for contaminated sites across the country. Our comprehensive in-house capabilities allow us to conduct site investigations, compare remediation alternatives, negotiate with agency representatives, design and construct turn-key remediation systems, operate and maintain systems, monitor and quantify the effect of remediation, and achieve site closure. We also have...

  • Environmental Services for Manufactured Gas Plants

    Environmental Services for Manufactured Gas Plants

    A former manufactured gas plant (MGP) site is something you’d rather forget. With our focus on closure, you can.  Burns & McDonnell experts will close your site to meet your goals. Don’t give it another thought. Custom MGP Solutions: Risk Management Approach Burns & McDonnell has helped hundreds of owners of former MGP sites resolve environmental impacts with a risk management approach that controls costs and achieves site...

  • Compliance and Permitting Services

    Compliance and Permitting Services

    Burns & McDonnell has assisted industrial clients throughout the nation with professional compliance and regulatory consultation services. As a nationally recognized leader in the environmental and engineering community, we offer our clients the strength and experience required to satisfy the needs of any environmental project.

  • Solid Waste Management

    Solid Waste Management

    Burns & McDonnell provides a full range of solid waste consulting services. We are a nationally recognized leader in the solid waste management field, having completed over hundreds of solid waste management projects during the past 30 years. Our team of qualified professionals has worked on projects across the United States and internationally. Few firms can provide the depth of qualified experience that Waste Consultants can offer.

  • Environmental Services for the Aviation Industry

    Environmental Services for the Aviation Industry

    Burns & McDonnell's long history of providing design services to the aviation industry coupled with our environmental project experience provides us with specialized expertise to meet the environmental needs of our aviation clients. We have conducted successful environmental projects at over 50 major airports, 20 aircraft manufacturing and maintenance facilities throughout the United States, and key international locations. Our environmental services to...

  • Water & Wastewater

    Water & Wastewater

    Effective water and wastewater management is an ongoing challenge for municipalities and industry. Burns & McDonnell designs facilities for water supply and treatment and wastewater treatment and disposal to meet current environmental requirements and provide long-term, cost-effective solutions.

  • Water Source Planning

    Water Source Planning

    Burns & McDonnell will assist in determining your immediate and long-term water supply needs, determining strengths and weaknesses of alternative sources and maximize use of your existing resources. Our studies find balance in a world where water is becoming an increasingly precious resource.

  • Water Supply Development

    Water Supply Development

    Water supply is the lifeblood of your community. Whether your concerns are quality capacity, reliablility, source or delivery, trust the experts at Burns & McDonnell to make your water supply plan a reality.

  • Water Treatment

    Water Treatment

    Burns & McDonnell has a proven track record of experience in research and development of new membrane technologies and design of some of the largets membrane facilities in the United States. We have successfully provided cost-effective membrane solutions for municipal and industrial clients allowing them to meet new regulations, improve water quality and simplify plant operations. We have worked with virtually every membrane on the market and have...

  • Distribution Systems

    Distribution Systems

    Burns & McDonnell can help you evaluate your distribution system, determine its strengths and weaknesses and predict when and where additional pipeline, storage and pump station capacity is required to minimize rate impacts. We can also address hydraulic and water quality problems, improve pressures and fire flow, and make sure your system can meet peak hour demands. Your solution will be integrated into your distribution system model. Burns &...

  • Transmission


    Pipelines are the backbone of your raw water supply and potable water distribution system. Burns & McDonnell has extensive experience in pipe sizing, routing, material selection, and design to meet your needs. From master planning through design and construction, we’re in the trenches with you. Our experience includes all types of pipe materials including PVC, HDPE, ductile iron, steel, concrete, PVC and HDPE for high pressure pipelines up to...

  • Pumping/Storage


    Pumping and storage facilities must meet your customers ever changing demands. Emphasizing reliability, flexibility, ease of operation, energy conservation and aesthetics, Burns & McDonnell provides pumping and storage facilities tailored to your requirements. High service and booster pump stations and storage tanks not only need to meet your increasing peak hour demands, but must also consider disinfection byproducts rules while providing adequate...

  • Groundwater


    The water's there. You just have to find it. Burns & McDonnell has the expertise to develop groundwater resources for your needs. There's no substitute for experience. Trust Us for Solutions You Can Depend On. Our experience includes all types of projects — large or small, municipal or industrial.

  • Wastewater


    Reliability. Efficiency. Regulatory compliance. Whether your wastewater facility is municipal or industrial, Burns & McDonnell can help you meet your goals and provide the performance you need over the lifetime of your plant, long after the project is done.

  • Master Planning

    Master Planning

    The future depends on decisions made today. Wastewater master planning services help you make the right decisions for your future success. Burns & McDonnell collection system, pumping and treatment experts will analyze your current and anticipated wastewater system needs and work with you to develop a plan to meet them — in timely, manageable phases. Build your long-term wastewater solutions on the solid foundation of a master plan.

  • Collection Systems

    Collection Systems

    Wastewater treatment systems are only as effective as the collection systems routing wastewater to them. Burns & McDonnell can help you plan, build and maintain wastewater collection systems with pumping stations, force mains and interceptor sewers that will keep you in compliance with changing regulations, protect resources and meet the needs of your established or rapidly growing community. We use pipe materials that bring long-term reliability at...

  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment

    Industrial Wastewater Treatment

    As industry copes with increasingly stringent regulations and seeks to reduce wastes generated, costs have soared. Burns & McDonnell industrial wastewater services are tailored to help you minimize risks and control costs. We provide the studies, design, permitting, construction and operations management services to best fit your unique needs. Working closely with you, we determine the best layout and equipment for your facility. Whether your facility is...

  • Residuals Management

    Residuals Management

    Whether your water treatment plant uses traditional methods or newer processes, proper residuals management is a key element in its successful operation. Burns & McDonnell is experienced in all facets of residuals management including: Biological stabilization process. Chemical conditioning systems. Incineration. Composting. Residuals management and disposal programs. Class A biosolids.

  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment

    Municipal Wastewater Treatment

    Municipal wastewater management is an ongoing challenge. Wastewater utilities must comply with changing regulations while delivering higher levels of service to customers in the face of increasing competition. And, as cities grow, so do wastewater needs.

  • Watershed Services

    Watershed Services

    Whether your stormwater challenges are regional or local, a new system or rehabilitation of an existing one, Burns & McDonnell's team of stormwater experts has the knowledge, skills and experience to help your project succeed. From natural waterways to piping systems, we can support your stormwater needs for any stage of the project, including stormwater studies, modeling, design and construction support services. Burns & McDonnell's stormwater...

  • Stormwater Management

    Stormwater Management

    More effective and efficient methods of managing stormwater programs are mandatory. From large to small, complex to straightforward, Burns & McDonnell can help you develop the solution your community needs.

  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling

    Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling

    The scope of Burns & McDonnell's experience in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling services encompasses stormwater drainage studies, master plans, and planning and design of stormwater control facilities. As technology has advanced significantly during the past decade, Burns & McDonnell has kept pace by specialized staff training and practice. To support staff efforts, computer hardware and supporting software have been developed and maintained...

  • Stormwater Design

    Stormwater Design

    Growth and development are what every community wants, but increasing urbanization can place a strain on existing stormwater drainage systems. Turn to Burns & McDonnell for comprehensive, effective and regulation-compliant stormwater solutions. When your stormwater infrastructure does not meet your expections, you can rely on Burns & McDonnell to provide fast and cost-effective solutions. Whether your stormwater challenges are regional or local,...

  • Water Resources

    Water Resources

    Water is a precious resource. Its abundance or scarcity has shaped civilizations since the dawn of time. It's a process that continues in your community today. Burns & McDonnell has the expertise to help you manage your community's water resources to solve today's problems and to meet the needs of future generations. Burns & McDonnell has an experienced team of civil, water resources and geotechnical engineers ready to assist you with all of your...

  • Civil Works & Flood Control

    Civil Works & Flood Control

    Storm runoff can create wildlife habitat — or massive destruction as floodwaters undermine banks or damage improvments. Flood protection is the essential link in stormwater management systems. Turn to Burns & McDonnell experts for comprehensive civil works and flood control projects. There's no margin for error in design and construction of structures that contain a force as powerful as a river, as important to life as a reservoir. Burns &...

  • Ecosystem Restoration

    Ecosystem Restoration

    All ecosystems exist in a delicate balance. Restoring that natural balance requires technical expertise and practical experience. With experience ranging from environmental studies to design of the world's largest wetlands restoration project, Burns & McDonnell is the partner you can trust to make your project a success.

  • Environmental


    Environmental performance comes from years of experience. Experience the performance of Burns & McDonnell. We can help you with your environmental needs. Creating an Environment of Success. Your environmental challenges require a uniquely qualified consultant — one with a special combination of engineering skills, experience and environmental expertise. We have served clients in the environmental field for more than 50 years, earning national...

  • Environmental Studies & Permitting

    Environmental Studies & Permitting

    YOU WANT to be seen as environmentally friendly. YOU NEED permitting guidance. Burns & McDonnell helps YOU SUCCEED with both. Environmental Studies & Permitting services for any type of project, anywhere.

  • Wetland Permitting & Design

    Wetland Permitting & Design

    Don’t get bogged down. If your project affects a wetland area, you may be wading waist-deep through permitting requirements. We’re Burns & McDonnell, and we are leaders in wetland permitting and design. When it comes to your wetland project, we’ll keep you high & dry.

  • Air Quality Control

    Air Quality Control

    There’s no question. Air quality rules and regulations are getting tighter. You can’t take chances with system evaluations, process design or equipment specifications. Navigating through this changing landscape requires a partner with comprehensive expertise. Contact Burns & McDonnell to discuss how we can partner to achieve success. Don’t Take Chances With Compliance.

  • Sustainability


    Efficiency and effectiveness are central to your business strategy. Sustainability efforts apply that strategy to your community and your environment. Burns & McDonnell can help you select and implement smart, sustainable solutions that integrate with your long-term business goals.

  • Air Quality Control

  • Flue Gas Desulfurization Services

    Flue Gas Desulfurization Services

    More than 35 years of flue gas desulfurization (FGD) design and system studies have positioned Burns & McDonnell as a worldwide leader in the field. Our familiarity with key FGD suppliers and processes leads to efficient and economical operations for your new unit or retrofit/rebuild project. Burns & McDonnell also performs detailed system evaluations to improve removal efficiency and to reduce operating and maintenance costs.

  • Mercury (Hg) Reduction Services

    Mercury (Hg) Reduction Services

    Burns & McDonnell has been integral in positioning the utility industry to effectively meet the regulatory requirements of the Clean Air Mercury Rule (CAMR). Several of our senior staff members are recognized as the leading mercury compliance experts in the nation.

  • Environmental Studies & Permitting

  • Environmental Monitoring Services for Construction Compliance

    Environmental Monitoring Services for Construction Compliance

    In an era where many states and agencies have environmental compliance monitors and enforcement crews, you can no longer afford to not have an environmental compliance manager on-site. Burns & McDonnell can help, with environmental monitoring for construction compliance services on the leading edge of environmental monitoring innovation. We endeavor to seamlessly integrate with your project management systems to help verify that construction is...

  • Air Permitting Services

    Air Permitting Services

    Breathe a little easier. Our experienced air permitting specialists weave seamlessly into your operation, helping you achieve your air permitting goals. Let our air specialists focus on your needs — so you can focus on your core business.

  • Water Services

  • Drinking Water

    Drinking Water

    Water is essential to life. But as new regulations and innovative technology change the landscape of the water profession, the challenge of meeting current and future water needs becomes more difficult.