Business EcoSystems (BES)

Business EcoSystems (BES) is a sustainability consultancy filling an expanding gap within the sustainability and social responsibility movements where increasing specialization inhibits organizations from initiating self-funding, high value, nimble sustainable growth strategies. Business EcoSystems fills this gap through a highly collaborative, cross-functional, situationally aware process designed to build capacity; not dependence. Our information- and intelligence-based approach integrates Lean – Six-Sigma principles and new product development concepts into a client-centric process.

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Consulting firm
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Nationally (across the country)

Amplifying business results through game-changing socially responsible solutions

Business EcoSystems help organizations innovate the products, services and business models needed to amplify their business goals in the process of improving the human condition and reducing the environmental footprint. We create practical scenarios inspiring holistic balanced innovation.

We bring together diverse sets of stakeholders from different parts of a system and across systems to find solutions to shared problems. We leverage social sciences, process engineering, analytics, and people-centric program management to drive rapid continuous improvement, innovation, and productivity through sustainable socially responsible solutions. At Business EcoSystems our focus is on empowering our clients to do more good while driving business results.

Leading by example through collaboration, affirmation, and innovation

At Business EcoSystems we practicing what we preach. We are a living lab continuously testing, learning, scaling, and improving our social responsibility so we can guide our clients toward more sustainable socially responsible business solutions.

We nuture curiosity, promote discovery, enable wonderment, and foster passion.

Business EcoSystems have embedded social responsibility, the what, into our culture, practices, and engagements focusing on performance, human condition, and environment. We recognize that we are change agents helping to empower change agents, that everything we do regardless of scope and frequency carries with it the responsibility and opportunity to lead by example.

Our goal with each engagement is to provide at measured, surgical response that builds capacity. Our success is based on guiding our clients through their maturity curve and ultimately making ourselves obsolete.

Our use process engineering concepts and TRIZ-based analysis to develop a range of strategies and tools for finding inventive solutions focused on continuous improvement.

Amplify your performance while doing more good

Many companies are seeking to improve their performance through sustainability. We think there is a better way. Business EcoSystems has helped a wide range of companies in the industrial, service, and consumer sectors and non-governmental organizations to develop strategies for top-line growth. Using sustainable socially responsible solutions they’ve amplified their business results, reduce their environmental footprint, and improve the human condition.

Business EcoSystems has in-depth experience designing, implementing, and monitoring sustainable socially responsible strategies, assessing materiality, conducting life cycle inventories and assessments, and integrating social responsibility into existing management systems. We can help you take a measured, surgical response to social responsibility rather than “boiling the ocean”.

Restoring your environmental footprint as a top-line growth strategy

Done right, reducing your environmental footprint should amplify your business results and integrate into your culture as just another smart business practice. Business EcoSystems works with its clients to develop staged measured improvements to meet the needs of your business and those of your stakeholders. The resulting strategic roadmaps and programs minimize capital investment and change so that innovation, productivity, and financials grow uninterrupted.

Our business-focused environmental solutions identify and optimize opportunities in the areas of energy and emissions, materials and waste, water and effluent, and land-use and biodiversity. Process of assessment, analysis, and improvement is heavily influenced by process engineering and change management principles and practices.

A highly integrated and holistic approach, Business EcoSystems will look both upstream and downstream within a system and horizontally across systems. Our assessments look internally as well as externally to rank and trend peers, industry, public sector, non-governmental organizations, technology, and society.

Improving the human condition while driving innovation and productivity

Business EcoSystems believes the best method for improving the human condition is by focusing on what you can most effectively influence – your workforce, supply chain, customer chain, and communities. This is best accomplished through empowerment and building capacity.

We also believe that understanding the system and root causes driving a need for improvement will identify the “hot spots” where your resources can generate the most value and drive your business results.

Our holistic intra- and inter-systems-based thinking brought to bare on your needs produces actionable strategic road maps that propagate value, leverage collateral impacts to minimize unforeseen consequences while discovering opportunities, synchronizing change, and increasing the return-on-effort.

ThinkTank, compelling solutions from remarkable people

At Business EcoSystems, we believe passionately that collaborative innovation generates game-changing solutions that positively shifts attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world with an efficacy unmatched by other means. So we're building a clearinghouse that offers free knowledge and inspiration from the world's most inspired thinkers – you – and a community of curious souls and change agents to engage in creating and pollinating those game-changing solutions.

This is living lab, an ever-evolving work in progress, and you're an important part of it. Want to participate? Have an idea? Solve a problem. We want to hear from you.

Building capacity to drive innovation and productivity

Did you know that employees typically retain up to 10% of the knowledge taught through traditional learning methods? How much of that knowledge is applied in your workplace? How much of that translates into immediate productivity gains and increased innovation?

Truly effective learning experiences go beyond creating knowledge. They simultaneously build experience and drive change.

ThinkTank is also about building capacity with a focus on accelerating innovation and productivity through immersive learning experiences. These experiences, delivered through traditional, on-line, virtual environments simultaneously deliver knowledge and experience so participants “hit the ground running”. Our methodology increases retention into 90% range while building experience.

Interested in learning more, want to participate, have an educational or training opportunity that could benefit from this approach, or just looking to reduce education and training costs, delivery time, and environmental footprint while improving accessibility, results, and work-life balance? Then let’s explore the possibilities. We want to hear from you so hit the Push To Talk button and give us your thoughts.