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C&B Equipment

If your municipal lift station pumping challenges are the high cost of personnel and the cost of energy, check this out: Here are some of the personnel cost savings: The DIP System® will end lift station cleaning, Ends pump removal to clean out clogs, Ends the trash hauling collected in the wet well, Ends the corrosion repairs caused by the hydrogen sulfide gas, Provides clean, dry, work area for improved employee safety, Minimal maintenance time needed to support system operation, Manages lift stations via smart phone, tablet, or desktop from anywhere. Additional benefits: Management gets their people back to do more productive and satisfying work, Ends the odors from sewage now stored in the neighborhoods in the wet wells. Eliminates the need for a separate valve vault, Reduces number of valves and associated maintenance, Completely eliminates the wet well and raw sewage storage in neighborhoods, Ends costs that are consumed in pumping down wet wells in large batches.

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