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C.E.B. Impianti

C.E.B. Impianti products yourself. However, we recommend using a competent C.E.B. Impianti service technician. The task of washing the vessels used for the production (open tanks or fixed tanks) or material handling and transportation (IBCs, drums, etc.) is done, in most of the cases, with no control of the costs involved. washing operations done manually or with semi-professional or DIY tools is really inefficient, unproductive and, finally, unsafe for the operators (especially when done manually using solvents). Our customers are key players in different industries: recycling, hazardous and chemical waste, IBCs and drums (metal and HDPE) recovering, paints, inks, silicones, cosmetics, resins, plastics, masterbatches, oil and gas, food & beverage, pharma.

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Via Stabilimento Figliodoni, 14 , Barzanò (LC) , 23891 Italy
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Industry Type:
Hazardous Waste
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Since the beginning of the activity in 1996, C.E.B. Impianti has always proposed itself as a supplier of technological washing solutions (water or solvent based) that, from time to time, could adapt to the specific needs of the customers.

When a customer meets C.E.B. Impianti, he is sure to rely on a partner that will work with him to provide what’s the best for his industrial processes.

Customers can count on our Sales team for the definition of the right equipment and our Technical team for the on-site installation and maintenance operations.

What does it mean to adopt a solution by C.E.B. Impianti?

The main reasons are:

  • to ensure safe working conditions of the operators designated to the job.
  • to cut to the minimum the consume of washing medias (water, detergents and solvent) used respect to a manual or semiautomated cleaning ways, so to dramatically reduce the costs related to the washing materials
  • to achieve perfect results in terms of cleaning
  • to increase the efficiency of the vessels washing process