C. E G. s.r.l.

C. E G. s.r.l.

C. E G. Srl is an Italian company, located in Daverio (near Milan), that designs and manufactures equipment and solutions for the metal scrap industry. Current product line, comprehensive of shears, balers, shredders and pre-shredders, is sold throughout the world, under TAURUS brand. Behind every one of the wide selection of machines which C. E G. manufacture, you will find the experience and know-how of a Company that has been at the forefront of recycling technology manufacturing since the `60s. All C. E G. machines are designed for maximum performance while still respecting safety norms and the environment.

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Via Cesare Battisti, 77 , Daverio , VA 21020 Italy

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Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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C. E G. Srl was founded in 1964 and then as now continues to be a leading manufacturer of high performance scrap metal processing machinery. In 2015, during its 50th anniversary year, C. E G. Srl expanded its production pallet in to 3 distinct brands: Taurus Bluline machines, its historic internationally known brand, Taurus Sascoline machines with a range of shears and balers caracterized by a different technology, Taurus Redmill machines to meet the demanding needs of customers who want to produce high value cleaning scrap via shredding.

Technology and Innovation
High technology, versatility and ease of use are the characteristics of the TAURUS BLULINE, TAURUS REDLINE and TAURUS BLACKLINE product lines. In this sense, C. E G. uses modern factories with state of the art manufacturing machines and dedicated staff to present to you the highest expression of research and innovation in every product we manufacture.

Customer Care
Special processes and features have been designed and incorporated to facilitate the ease of use, management, installation and maintenance of all C. E G. machines.