C-Green Carbon Management Solutions Inc. is a carbon credit aggregator engaged in trading agricultural carbon credits. We are Canada's first agricultural carbon trading firm and have grown into the largest over the past five years. We have now begun to take new applications for the anticipated Saskatchewan carbon market.

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C-Green Carbon Management Solutions Inc. is Canada's first and largest agricultural offset provider.  We started contracting acres on the Chicago Climate Exchange in 2006 and have now accumulated over 5,500,000 acres of crop land in minimum till.

We are currently contracting acreage in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

C-Green Carbon Management Solutions Inc. has now completed payments for the completion of the 2003-2006 pool and the 2006-2007. This now brings us to a total of nearly $30,000,000 of money paid to saskatchewan farmers.  With the Saskatchewan government passing Bill 126 we anticipate a compliance market for offsets in 2011 which will enable us to market the millions of verified credits that we currently hold in our portfolio which is continually growing at a rapid pace.

Please feel free to browse our website! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

How the industry works

The whole idea of carbon trading was created as a way to make market mechanisms combat Global Warming.  Global Warming is the warming of the our planet through the release of 6 gases through man made means.  There are natural events which release carbon into the atmosphere, such as volcano's and forest fires.  Since these natural events are beyond our control we focus on the Carbon emissions that are created by factories, power generators and oil companies.  Through government legislation, laws are made to have these emitters reduce there carbon footprint or the amount of emissions that they are creating.  They can do this a few ways, either they find ways to make efficiencies in there plants or to offset there emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets.  Essentially paying someone else to partially help them make a cut until they can do so themselves.  This is where you as a farmer can play a key role and get rewarded.  Through the practice of no-till farming you are changing a behaviour that reduces the amount of pollution that is contributed.  It may not sound like a lot but if you reduce the amount of fuel that you burn and you factor in 10,000 other farmers doing the same well that creates a significant amount greenhouse gas reductions.  The plants that you grow sequester CO2 out of the air and put that in the ground.  By not working the ground you then store the Carbon in the ground which creates a carbon credit which can then be sold if there is a buyer willing to purchase it.

The Cost for Applicants?

There is NO COST.  C-Green has made this possible because we understand how a farmer views this market because we are farmers.  What we do is contract your acres and pool them with other producers from across the province and create a package that is appealing for buyers due to the large size.  When we find the best possible price for your credits we then transact on them and pay the monies out.  The way we get paid is once the money has been paid to our farmers we hold back 15% for fees.  So the higher the price you get the more we get.  We have a third party auditing firm that does our payments so that people can rest assured that they get all that is owed to them.

What sets us apart from our competition?

  1. We are the only company actively paying farmers in Saskatchewan and have paid out money since May 2006
  2. Our commissions are extremely low compared to the 30%-40% Alberta farmers are being charged.
  3. We have a farming background which allows us to understand the needs of farmers.
  4. We have the most experience transacting carbon having made sales to buyers from Hong Kong to Australia.
  5. We have an auditor do all of our payments.