C&M Baling Systems, Inc

C&M Baling Systems, Inc

C&M Baling Systems designs and manufactures baling presses for use by industrial and commercial operations. Balers are used to reduce material handling costs and for recycling waste generated by manufacturing processes. C&M offers over 150 standard baler designs in addition to custom engineered balers to meet customer specifications. C&M balers hydraulically compress and then bale materials to produce dense bales that are secured with steel wire or steel straps to retain the bale density. Heavy bales of materials can be efficiently transported or moved to another location for reprocessing or recycling. Materials commonly baled by C&M balers include paper trim & waste paper, cardboard, boxboard, non-wovens, plastic wrap & plastic bottles including beverage containers, fibers such as cotton, wool, fiberglass, or other man-made fibers, carpet remnants, foam rubber, tobacco, films, and non-ferrous metals.

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C&M Baling Systems, Inc. , Winston-Salem , North Carolina 27115-6309 USA

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Recycling Systems
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Internationally (various countries)

Let us tell you about our secrets of success building balers for the most demanding industrial customers.  

  • Paper Mills
  • NonWoven Mills
  • Corrugated Container Manufacturers
  • Printers
  • Web Process Converters
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers
  • Re-Packaging Operations
  • Textile Mills & Cotton Gins
  • Manufacturers & Industrial plants
  • Commercial Outlets
  • Recycling Centers

Our owners and employees have a passion to design, fabricate, and assemble balers.  It is with that spirit that we excel in designing custom baling presses for applications that other baler manufacturers can’t handle.  Quality and safety are in the forefront of our considerations as custom and standard baler designs are produced.  It is the goal of every C&M employee to build the “next baler” better than the one before.  Most C&M employees have many years of service, and have made this their workplace home.  We all enjoy what we do…everyday.

C&M Baling Systems, Inc. is a privately owned corporation located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina just off business Interstate 40 east of the city.  Administrative, sales, engineering, and manufacturing facilities are located on a 8-acre tract of land with easy access to most of our suppliers and subcontractors.  Our entire product line can be manufactured and assembled within our factory, but often, specialized subcontractors provide subassemblies for our production line to add additional manufacturing capacity.  Approximately 40 percent of our products are exported or sold to other companies for marketing under their product brand name.  C+M machinery is marketed through dealers, other original equipment manufacturers, and direct to end-users.  Production lead-time for finished balers or related machinery and equipment is usually eight to ten weeks.