C2R recycling LLP

C2R recycling LLP

C2R-recycling is focused on the expansion of recycling and the future of our planet. C2R-recycling has devised waste recycling models which offer the right recycling solutions to cities and municipalities. C2R-recycling provides the best in recycling standards & technology - and full consulting services, from; the design, through to the building and commissioning of recycling solutions.

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Dence Close , Herne Bay , United Kingdom

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Service provider
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Waste and Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)

C2R-recycling is focused on the expansion of recycling and the future of our planet. The aim of the company is to bring relevant, specific waste recycling services to municipalities and partners. C2R-recycling brings some of the best and most innovative recycling technology to help solve your waste management dilemma's.

C2R-recycling is committed to ensuring that our projects provide the utmost environmental benefits, together with creating employment for local people and world class operating standards. The indiscriminate dumping of, domestic and industrial waste in landfill sites cannot continue. Environmental awareness, public concern, government intervention and scarce resources are drivers for more efficient waste management, increasing waste recycling and utilisation of waste as a resource and not a problem.

Proven waste recycling technology is the basis for a waste management process which ensures that you can reduce and reuse your waste. We must recycle what we use and we must use what we recycle. C2R-recycling can give you immediate, sustainable, solutions to your waste management problems, these will be designed to turn your problems into profit. C2R-recycling can design, build and operate recycling facilities at a cost municipal budgets can afford.