Caipos GmbH

Caipos GmbH

Caipos GmbH develops and manufactures equipment and software for wireless soil moisture and climate monitoring. Products of Caipos include Internet based personal weather stations Wireless sensor network Soil moisture sensors Stations for rain and water level monitoring. The system consists of wireless sensor nodes CaipoWave and base station CaipoBase. Base station receives and stores data from the wireless sensor nodes and automatically transfers it to the central web platform. Every wireless node has possibility to connect 4 sensors like soil temperature, soil moisture, leaf wetness and other in any combination.

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Neuseiersberger Strasse 155/2 , Seiersberg , 8054 Austria
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Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Long communication range without any additional devices . Caipos uses the latest, best in class, radio technology. It allows reliable communication on the range of 1 km and more without additional devices. About 200Ha can be covered with single base station and single GSM contract.

Easy installation and Zero configuration
Wireless sensors are easy to install. They can be added, removed or replaced any time. Unlike other commercial products, Caipos does not require any configuration. Wireless sensor nodes automatically start sending data to the base station after installation. Customer only needs to fix the main unit on the pole and insert the sensors in the soil.