Caldwell has constructed a wide variety of tanks for all kinds of applications throughout North America, Beyond the building phase, we offer services for the rehabilitation of tanks, whether it`s a one-time repair or ongoing maintenance. We also offer technologies for the cooling of gas turbines to increase their efficiency. For every project we undertake, no matter what the scope or complexity, careful consideration is given to on-site safety and environmental performance.

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4000 Tower Road , Louisville , Kentucky 40219 USA

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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)
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Company Overview
Since 1887, Caldwell has been building innovative, customized water tanks, industrial field-erected tanks and vertical concrete storage structures throughout North America. Caldwell’s broad capabilities allow turn-key design, fabrication and construction for the water, wastewater, grain, coal, process, power and energy industries.

Industrial field-erected tanks are a Caldwell specialty. Our numerous field crews and top of the line capabilities allow us to build your field erected tank when you need it. Whether it be fuel storage, stainless steel process tanks or wastewater treatment tanks, we can build it to your specifications. We provide tanks for the ethanol, Biodiesel, distillery, process, pulp & paper, oil & gas, water treatment and grain industries. Caldwell also offers process piping and ductwork design and construction. Experience Caldwell’s extensive capabilities!

Potable Water Tanks
Caldwell is the only tank contractor that offers all types of elevated and ground storage field erected tanks, as well as maintenance programs. Each tank is designed and constructed to applicable standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API), American Water Works Association (AWWA), American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Society of Technical Engineers (ASME).

Caldwell is the Premier Turbine Inlet Air-Cooling (TIC) Company in the World, providing all types of inlet cooling technologies – Wet Compression, Evaporative cooling with Fog, Chilling and Thermal Energy Storage. Caldwell has successfully implemented more than 200 systems totaling over 2,000 MW of power augmentation around the globe and is the only inlet cooling specialist that offers all major turbine inlet cooling and wet compression technologies on both new and retrofit installations.

Caldwell Civil Construction provides concrete construction for foundations, tunnels, stacks and vertical concrete storage systems; specializing in vertical jump formed concrete storage systems. Our turn-key operation features complete engineering, project management, field supervision, project construction and job closeout. Fully insured and bonded, Caldwell Civil Construction meets or exceeds all industry construction and ACI Standards. Maintaining total control of your project from start to completion enables Caldwell Civil Construction to consistently provide high quality construction that is completed on schedule and on budget.

Tank Asset Preservation / Coatings, Repaints & Repairs
In addition to new tank design and construction, Caldwell Tanks, Inc., the largest elevated tank contractor in the world, provides professional services for the life of your water storage structures. Caldwell offers more than “tank maintenance.” Maintenance implies keeping something in operable condition, but with the huge investment that owners have in their new and existing water storage tanks, Caldwell strives for more than simple maintenance and offers programs that preserve these vital and critical infrastructure assets.

Caldwell is on the cutting edge of industrial emissions control technology. We are involved in the design and construction of Eco Power Solution's COMPLY 2000 emission control units. The COMPLY 2000 units effectively eliminate multiple pollutants at once and can also incorporate waste heat recovery technology and improve a plants performance and overall thermal efficiency.