Caldwell Tanks, Inc.

Caldwell Tanks, Inc.

Caldwell has constructed a wide variety of tanks for all kinds of applications throughout North America, Beyond the building phase, we offer services for the rehabilitation of tanks, whether it`s a one-time repair or ongoing maintenance. We also offer technologies for the cooling of gas turbines to increase their efficiency. For every project we undertake, no matter what the scope or complexity, careful consideration is given to on-site safety and environmental performance.

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4000 Tower Road , Louisville , Kentucky 40219 USA
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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)
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Caldwell Tanks is the only contractor who regularly builds all styles of water storage tanks, including composite, multi-column, pedesphere, fluted column, and ground storage tanks. Caldwell Tanks realizes that site conditions, economics, aesthetics, and capacity needs are just a few of the many factors in determining the style of tank best suited for a particular site. Contact Caldwell's experienced engineers and sales team, we can help:

  • Determine which tank style is best suited for a particular need and location
  • Recommend a consulting engineering firm or geotechnical engineering firm nearby
  • Provide budget pricing and scope evaluation
  • Perform a preliminary review of your plans and specifications before the project advertises
  • Run accurate tank load calculations that you provide to your geotechnical firm which will help them make the best soil foundation recommendations for your desired tank style(s)
  • Send you literature on tanks and links to the AWWA, FAA, and other related water organizations for more information or specific needs
  • Visit with you for educational lunch and learns (continuing education) on water tanks, coatings, maintenance, etc.

Since 1887, Caldwell Tanks, Inc. has been building innovative, customized water tanks, industrial field-erected tanks and vertical concrete storage structures throughout North America. Caldwell's broad capabilities allow turn-key design, fabrication, and construction for the water, wastewater, grain, coal, process power and energy industries. We are the largest builder of elevated tanks in the world and have constructed thousands of potable water storage tanks throughout North America. Our specialized manufacturing facilities in Louisville, Kentucky and Newnan, Georgia allow us the flexibility to complete projects on time and within budget. Caldwell Tanks is proud to be one of the largest builders of elevated water tanks in the world.

Caldwell is the only contractor in North America who regularly builds all styles of elevated water storage tanks., Economics, aesthetics and capacity are just a few of the factors that determine the style of tank for a particular project. Caldwell can tailor each project to the client's individual needs and specifications. Our experience includes the design, fabrication and construction of elevated tanks ranging in capacity from 25,000 gallons to 3,000,000 gallons.

Caldwell Tanks' engineering department includes more than 25 Professional Engineers with extensive experience in the construction of elevated water storage tanks. Caldwell's engineers sit on key technical committees including AWWA, ASME, ASHRAE, SPFA, ASCE, IIAR and NEHRP. Our professional staff, extensive experience, and two modern fabricating facilities make us one of the industry leaders in tank design and construction.

The Caldwell Civil Construction Group is responsible for the construction of concrete foundations and concrete support shafts. Caldwell specializes in vertical jump formed concrete systems. Our turn-key operation features complete engineering, project management, field supervision, project construction and job closeout.

In addition to new tank design and construction, Caldwell Tanks, Inc. provides professional services for the life of your water storage structures. Caldwell offers more than 'tank maintenance.' The first step in a strategic preservation program is to schedule and budget for periodic inspection, including cleaning of the tank interior to remove accumulated sedimentation and debris. Armed with this data, Caldwell can accurately plan and budget for future tank expenditures. Caldwell strives for more than simple maintenance and offers programs that preserve these vital and critical infrastructure assets.

As an owner or engineer, your new tank will be one of the most visible projects you will ever construct. Caldwell Tanks, Inc. has been involved in a large number of high profile construction projects involving unique designs. Caldwell constructed the 'Earful Tower' for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and constructed a new race inspired water tower for the Chicagoland Speedway NASCAR race track. Caldwell enjoys design and fabrication challenges. We fabricated and erected the 'World's Largest Baseball Bat' for the Hillerich & Bradsby Louisville Slugger Museum in Louisville, Kentucky.

Caldwell Tanks, Inc. looks forward to having the opportunity to submit a proposal for an elevated tank that will provide you with decades of worry free service.

Shortly after Project Award, a Caldwell Project Manager (PM) will be assigned to your new tank project. The PM reports directly to the Project Management Director who is responsible for multiple other PM's and their projects. Once the PM gets passed along the details from the Sales Manager (all of whom report to the VP of Sales), the company hosts an internal project kick-off meeting where all departments will discuss concerns, schedules, and special items. A Professional Engineer is also assigned to the project and will be assisted by our experienced staff of engineers and designers. Our engineering department then diligently carries out Tank and Foundation designs while regularly communicating with the involved soils/foundation contractor and consulting engineer. The PM who is ultimately responsible for all day-to-day operations on the project, including administration, scheduling, and overall job supervision, manages the entire project schedule.

We have a professional Safety Director and accompanying staff that have implemented the industry's most comprehensive company-wide safety program to ensure safe construction in accordance with OSHA and Caldwell Tanks' strict requirements. Caldwell's Quality Assurance Manager (Q.A.) oversees the Q.A. program at both of Caldwell's fabrication plants as well as all of Caldwell's field and paint operations nation-wide. This Q.A. team continually trains employees, evaluates and resolves issues that arise, and recommends means and methods for keeping Caldwell state-of-the-art in the fabrication process. Both the safety and quality teams perform frequent inspections of the plant operations and field crews, so their interaction begins during shop fabrication and concludes near the project completion.

As your project moves from the engineering design phase through the shop fabrication phase, many certified welders and other employees are intensely involved in creating your tank and tower components to be accurate so that the field operations phase goes as smooth as possible. We have a very dedicated transportation staff that delivers the component pieces from the shop all over the country to your tank site where the field crews then 'make the magic happen'.

Depending upon Owner's requirements, site conditions, and project schedule, an On-Site Manager may be utilized to aid in the day-to-day site operations, paperwork processing, and daily reporting logs. Either Caldwell or one of our specialized subcontractors first carries out the foundation construction. Then, experienced field crews consisting of approximately five boilermakers under the supervision of one Foreman carry out the field construction. The Foreman is the site supervisor and reports to a general field superintendent inside our office who is responsible for a number of other Foreman and their projects. These Field Superintendents and Foundation Superintendents are lead by the Field & Civil Operations Director. These fully equipped professional erection crews consist of Caldwell Tanks' permanent employees. Crew personnel are members of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Forgers and Helpers Union working under the NTL Articles of Agreement. Caldwell's crews work in both union and non-union environments, moving in and out to perform our portion of work smoothly, quietly, and efficiently. Upon completion of all the welded steel processes, the paint crew (Caldwell's crew or an industry-specific subcontractor) moves in to blast, clean, paint, and disinfect the tank. Similar to the field construction Foremen, Caldwell's Coatings field Foremen report to a Coatings Superintendent who reports to the Coatings Field Manager. Also reporting to him is our Coatings Subcontractor Manager who maintains all correspondence and scheduling activities with all captive and non-captive coatings subcontractors. Our Coatings Sales and Operations Director leads not only his Coatings Field Director, but also oversees Caldwell's Repaint Division (for existing tanks) and the coatings projects of Caldwell's T.A.P. division (highly revered as the 'industry-recommended-addition' to your new tank to maximize its service life). While this completes the general scope of your project, there are many support staff all throughout this process that help make your new tank experience the best in the industry. The final say-so on extreme matters and the strong leader of Caldwell Tanks is our very own President, Bernie Fineman.

Caldwell Tanks, Inc. has established company wide controls, processes and procedures to ensure product quality and continual improvement of quality, and to guarantee that products conform to the AWWA Standards, API Standards and the standard procedures established by Caldwell. We are committed to providing our customers with products that meet or exceed the customer's expectations with regard to specification compliance, safety and quality of workmanship. To accomplish this, Caldwell utilizes quality control procedures and maintains an independent Quality Assurance department.

Typical staffing reporting to the manager of QA would include a welding engineer, two CWI welding inspectors, one NACE coatings inspector and one field specialist. Each employee that performs an activity that impacts product quality is trained to make the necessary checks to confirm the process and the product being produced are within specification.

The primary responsibility of the QA department is to monitor the product throughout shop fabrication, field construction and coating application to ensure required quality levels are met in all operations. This is accomplished by a combination of monitoring the quality control procedures established throughout the different operations and by random inspections by in- house inspectors or independent third party inspection firms. The QA department continually evaluates all operations to identify areas of potential improvement which would result in an increase in quality, efficiency or both.

Caldwell maintains current welder qualification records for all active welders. Procedures, processes and welders are qualified in accordance with ASME B&PVC Section IX Articles II and III and AWWA D-100 Section 8.3. Caldwell's welding engineers work to improve quality and efficiency through process improvements and the monitoring of performance to ensure our objectives are met. Welds are subject to pre-weld, in-process and post weld inspection. Prior to welding, fit-up, joint bevel angles, surface condition, tack welds and root openings are inspected to ensure they are within specification.

Proper surface preparation is critical to the application of a coating system. All materials that are to be shop prime coated will be thoroughly cleaned by a wheel-A-brator centrifugal blast cleaning process. Our current standard is SSPC-SP10 which means the removal of all foreign matter and allows for 5 percent random staining. In cases where the steel did not clean to the specified level, it will receive additional cleaning. The profile of the surface will be checked to ASTM D-4417 by the operator and/or the area supervisor to ensure that it meets the specified requirement.

Shop primer shall be applied in accordance to the specifications and in accordance with the coating manufacturer's product data sheet. A shop paint log is used to record relevant data collected during the priming operation, including ambient conditions and paint batch numbers. These logs are collected and maintained by the QA department.

The project site foreman has the day to day responsibility to complete the work in accordance with the 'issued for construction' drawings from the engineering department and to monitor the quality of the work being performed by his crew. When field construction is ready for inspection, the superintendent requests inspection from QA. The QA department determines which inspection firm to use and the results are reported directly back to the QA department.

Field applied coatings may be done by one of Caldwell's in-house paint crews or a Caldwell approved paint subcontractor. Daily field paint reports are required on all Caldwell coating projects, whether done internally or by subcontractor. The log is used to record ambient conditions and paint batch numbers as well as a description of work performed on that day.