We are specialists in Chemicals for research and analysis. We carefully produce more than 1,000 different solvents, solutions and chemicals for use in quality control, research, and education. Our manufacturing facility is custom-designed for the purification of high purity organic solvents, the preparation of solutions, and packaging under closely controlled conditions. In addition to those we produce, we distribute a wide variety of other laboratory chemicals ranging from analytical standards to the most obscure research compounds. We supply the most comprehensive list of chemicals available from any independent Canadian company.

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40 Armstrong Avenue , Georgetown , Ontario L7G 4R9 Canada

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Chemical & Pharmaceuticals
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Where Caledon came from ... and how did it get here?

When I was a child, Arthur Brock, my 'favorite uncle', operated a general store that his grandfather had founded. He enjoyed a high degree of independence in his job and I liked that. It made me want to start my own business.

In the early 1970s I was closing in on 30, and impatient to do something on my own. I had a degree in chemistry and a few years experience selling gas chromatography equipment.

The commercial development of gas chromatography in the early '60s was revolutionizing analytical chemistry, and at the same time, the publication of Rachel Carson's seminal book, 'Silent Spring' had made society realize that nature was vulnerable to human intervention. She was talking about the indiscriminant use of DDT but the question soon became 'what contaminants are in the natural environment and food - and what harm are they doing to us?'

To get at that question, GC had become the analytical technique of choice, and it turned out that trace levels of contaminants were everywhere - including in the organic solvents that were available from laboratory supply houses at the time. This led to analysts distilling 4, 8, and even 20 litre batches of flammable solvents in glass vessels with electric heating mantles on their lab bench, to try to get the pure solvents they needed to avoid masking the contaminants of interest. I thought that was pretty inefficient and hazardous too. But I had my opportunity.

There's an old story about Caledon having been started in a garden shed. That is only partly true. Mary Lou and I lived in a wooden house that was one hundred years old and we had two small children. I wasn't about to take the risk* of distilling anything in the cellar, so the garden shed was used for a series of small scale batches to see if I could get the required purity. The first real production occurred in the fall of 1972 in a 1,500 square foot building on rented land. By 1975 we had acquired industrial land in Georgetown and moved to a 4,500 square foot plant that was custom designed for the purification and packaging of organic solvents.

So that's where we came from. How we got there is a story of taking one step at a time. As we refined our methods we added more solvents, and then chemicals, and then acids and solutions, and the plant was expanded again to the 24,000 square feet that we now occupy. But more important than those size and product additions are the people who took the steps to make the expansions happen.

I have always believed that if you treat people well, they will treat you well in return. It is a simple truth that, in business, applies to customers, suppliers and employees. Early on, Caledon adopted and clearly communicated some core policies, a central one being to treat people with dignity and trust. Then, by their actions, the company and its managers did their utmost to give those policies substance. For more on this click on Management Philosophy.

Caledon employees have responded in spades. The whole group - Sales and Customer Service, Marketing, Purchasing, Production, Accounting and Distribution - operates as a coordinated team in which individuals contribute that 'discretionary effort' that we all have within ourselves, and can make available when we are motivated to do so. That is how we got here.

And what of my favorite Uncle Arthur? He lived a long and productive life, and the store is now run by two of his grandchildren - the fifth generation of Brocks to do so. It is a fixture on the main street of Port Perry, Ontario, and is about to celebrate its 125th anniversary.

Caledon’s management philosophy is to harness the collective capabilities of employees and suppliers, in pursuit of the goal of meeting customers’ needs. Part of our concept of Total Quality is that we believe that continuous improvement is possible, and that it can be achieved by tapping into the “discretionary effort” that individuals will contribute to their jobs – if they are treated in a way that motivates them to do so.

To implement this philosophy we have developed what we call “The Caledon Challenge”, and a set of “building blocks”.

The Caledon Challenge
'Challenge existing behaviour patterns in order to improve skills, methods, and results.'

The Challenge makes it okay to challenge peers and superiors as well as subordinates. It is intended that managers be challenged every bit as much as anybody else.

Building Blocks in the Foundation of Caledon

  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • Implement Human Resource policies that cause each Caledon employee to be motivated to contribute to his or her maximum potential.
  • Make Caledon a safe and good place to work. Be recognized as such by employees, customers, and suppliers.
  • All employees should have, at their fingertips, all of the information and tools that they need to do their jobs effectively.
  • Strive to achieve accuracy, clarity, and transparency in all operations.
  • Orient all staff to the real needs of our customers.
  • Provide outstanding business and technical support to customers.

Caledon Laboratories is located in Georgetown, Ontario, overlooking the scenic Caledon Hills.  A family-owned and proudly Canadian company, Caledon has over 45 years of expertise in manufacturing high-purity products for analytical chemistry.  We provide quality products to analytical labs, research and educational institutions, pharmaceutical organizations, and production facilities the world over.

Our plant is custom designed for the purification and packaging of large volumes of lab chemicals under closely controlled conditions and we produce over 1,000 different solvents, solutions and chemicals in a wide range of grades and sizing options.

Complementing our trusted Caledon-label products, we distribute a wide variety of other lab chemicals ranging from analytical standards to the most obscure research compounds. Customers save time and money through our negotiated distributor discounts, as well as our coordination of shipping/customs/importation of these products.  The Manufacturers banner on this web-site provides a complete listing, as well as detailed descriptions of our distribution lines. We are proud to supply the most comprehensive list of chemicals available from any independent Canadian company.

Quality has always been a top priority at Caledon. We search for the best quality raw materials, and are continually looking to improve our manufacturing methods to meet the increasing demands of our clients. Caledon has been certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard by one of North America’s leading management system registrars.