California Solar Industry Association (CALSEIA )

California Solar Industry Association (CALSEIA )

Since the 1970s, CALSEIA has advanced the common interests of the California solar industry, helping make California`s solar market the most robust in the United States. Comprised of California solar contractors, manufacturers, distributors, developers, utilities, engineers, consultants and educational organizations, CALSEIA represents a diverse membership committed to growing the California solar industry. CALSEIA provides solar industry members located throughout California with a presence at the Capitol in Sacramento, at the CPUC in San Francisco, and at hearings and workshops throughout the state. As a policy-dependent industry, it is imperative that the California solar industry engages politically to fight for, and defend, good solar policy in California.

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1107 9th St.,Ste. 820 , Sacramento , California 95814 USA
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Professional association
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Solar Power
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Internationally (various countries)
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CALSEIA is funded through annual membership dues and fundraising events such as Solar Summerfest every year at Intersolar North America. 

  • Enact Legislation to encourage removal of barriers and policies that help provide an open and competitive market
  • Create and/or Modify Regulations to promote safety, durability, and a competitive market
  • Create and/or Maintain Incentives to build the market to a size that allows the installed cost of solar energy to compete with non-renewable energy resources
  • Encourage the ethical conduct of companies participating in the solar market. CALSEIA is not a law enforcement organization but it can provide resources to assist people in finding the appropriate law enforcement organization.
  • Codes and Standards to ensure safety and reliability and to standardize requirements to reduce costs and improve construction efficiency

CALSEIA works with Washington D.C.-based National SEIA on campaigns such as extending the federal ITC tax credits. CALSEIA is a completely separate organization with no financial relationship.  Membership with SEIA does not confer a membership with CALSEIA and vice versa, nor does it result any resources shared in California.

For nearly forty years, CALSEIA has put in place solar policies and programs that have made California one of the biggest and most successful solar industries in the world.

Recent Legislative Accomplishments
  • AB 2188 - Reducing soft costs through streamlining permitting (2014)

  • AB 327 – Advocated for the protection of net metering within overall rate reform legislation (2013)

  • AB 2249 – Expanded solar water heating rebates to commercial swimming pools (2012)

Recent Regulatory Accomplishments
  • Petitioned and won decision at CPUC to increase rebate levels for solar water heating systems (2015)

  • Secured 20-year grandfathering protections for all NEM 1.0 consumers (2014)

  • Opened up SCE’s Option R rate to an additional 250 MW (2014)

  • Fought for and won unlimited Option R for E-19 and E-20 customers (2014)

  • Won emergency stay of UL 1703 code requirements until January 2015 (2014)

  • Participated and shaped successful publication of the California Solar Permitting Guidebook of 2014 for both solar PV and solar water heating systems (2014/2015)

  • Pushed for decision to compel collection of solar installation data from investor owned utilities (2014)