Canada Composting Inc.

Canada Composting Inc.

Canada Composting Inc.

CCI is a private, Canadian corporation located in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, just north of downtown Toronto. CCI owns the exclusive North American and UK licenses to the BTA-Process. The BTA-Process provides an effective, efficient, environmentally friendly and economically affordable solution for the many problems associated with mixed or source separated waste. The process uses anaerobic digestion to rapidly decompose organic wastes to produce a high quality compost and biogas which is converted into electrical and thermal energy.

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390 Davis Drive, Suite 301 , Newmarket , Ontario L3Y 7T8 Canada
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Waste and Recycling
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Internationally (various countries)
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Our company, CCI BioEnergy Inc. (CCI), has been in business since 1992 and many consider us to be a pioneer in North America in the development of organics processing solutions using Anaerobic Digestion (AD).

A wholly owned subsidiary of Canada Composting Inc., CCI BioEnergy was founded with a vision that sees our MSW management challenge as an opportunity to change our thinking and realize that the organic fraction of MSW is a resource with a significant amount of value.

As a privately held company located in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, we hold the exclusive Canadian and USA license rights to a European developed, commercially proven AD technology known as 'The BTA Process'. This North American patented solution was developed and commercialized in Germany in the early 1980's and since then it has been successfully implemented in a range of countries. The system is designed specifically to process the organic fraction of MSW generated in our homes, businesses and industry.

Our corporate mission is to use a partnership strategy to design, build, operate, own, sell and finance, in any combination, processing solutions that recover the resources inherent in the organic fraction of MSW.

Corporate Vision

Our corporate vision is to sustainably use the organic fraction of our wastes to produce clean, renewable bioenergy and a variety of other beneficial use products.

Using a partnering approach, we design, build, operate, own, sell and finance, in any combination, resource recovery plants for processing the organic fraction of wastes.

A proven track record combined with an unequalled knowledge of the critical success factors reinforce our ability to effectively deliver all required services to meet a project's objectives. Capitalizing on our strategic partner resource base allows us to deliver complementary skills and experience in all the facets of organics project development and mitigates the risk for all parties to the project.

Our Competency

We have in-house competency and strategic partner resources to deliver value to the projects in which we participate, with deep knowledge, experience and skills in:

  • Project Assessment & Feasibility
  • Project Development & Financing
  • Project Permitting & Approvals
  • Process Design & Equipment Delivery
  • Project & Construction Management
  • Plant Start Up & Commissioning
  • Plant Operations
  • Product Marketing & Sales

Our practical experiences with organics-to-energy implementations in North America has allowed us to understand the critical success factors and considerations and develop practical approaches to the following realities:

  • The organic fraction of the waste stream is the most difficult element to deal with
  • Organics are living, changing materials
  • Partnership approaches work best
  • All elements of the waste supply chain are affected
  • The quality of feedstock is dependant on human behaviour
  • Source separation offers the best alternative to making valued products
  • Local market conditions and characteristics dictate the plant configuration

Technology Licensing

As the exclusive owner for the BTA license in North America, we sub-license the technology to companies looking to develop projects in specific geographic markets in Canada and the USA. If you are interested in becoming a CCI license partner.