Canadian Floating Fence Corporation

Canadian Floating Fence Corporation (CFFC) manufactures Patented Vertical Floatation Barriers utilizing Mesh technology 15 times stronger than steel.

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Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

How Does The 'Aqua~Hedge' Boom Work?

  • With our Patented Technology, the Vertical Spars keep the mesh system in a stable upright position in all wind and wave action.
  • The boom can 'filter' (using various Mesh weaves) large and small floating objects, diesel fuel, Bitumen and Bunker 'C' Crude Oil and other water born debris.
  • Surface tension on the oil occurs when an oil mass becomes extreme. This can be relieved by adding more boom sections to the system or skimming the oil from the contained area.

Oil particles will not in themselves leave the main body of oil unless under extreme tension. This works because 'oil behaves well when it is properly contained and managed'.

The 'Aqua~Hedge' Boom has proven to be Extremely effective in containing Oil Spills on Rivers, Lakes or Oceans by diverting,redirecting and ultimately containing the effluent, in preparation for skimming or remediation.