Canadian Shield Consultants Agency Inc

Canadian Shield Consultants Agency Inc

The Canadian Shield Spill Response Division provides 24-hour, rapid-response, and emergency clean-up services for hazardous and non-hazardous releases across Ontario and beyond. At Canadian Shield Consultants, we can respond to spills, leaks or releases, doing so efficiently and safely. We have various equipment and resources to respond, assess, and mitigate various hazardous and non-hazardous releases in the environment; being land or water. Our fully equipped emergency response spill trailer, marine unit, and helicopter; along with our trained personnel, allow us to be well prepared to be activated and respond to, hazardous and non-hazardous releases in the environment. Being turn-key we can provide spill response services from start to finish from initial assessment and containment; to on site and lab analysis testing and remediation efforts.

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21 King Street West , St. Charles , Ontario P0M2W0 Canada
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Consulting firm
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Emergency Response
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Regionally (various states or provinces)

One call to our 24 hour response line will immediately activate our Air, Land and Water response teams.

Call us: 1-866-691-0424

Canadian Shield Consultants Agency Inc. has recently launched an Emergency Spill Response division and provides 24-hour, rapid-response, and emergency clean-up services for hazardous and non-hazardous releases across Ontario and beyond. Furthermore, CSCA have a selection of different sized Spill Response kits for purchase.

Our Engineering Department responsibilities include Environment Compliance Approvals to the MOE on various situations with engineered designs on wastewater systems, and water systems, etc. Our firm also deals with the supervision of various required engineered control of construction sites, contaminated site clean-up supervision, soil and water sampling & analysis, and soil and water in-site treatment rehabilitation.

We have a Non-Scheduled International license issued from the Canadian Transportation Agency, as well as staff trained in Contaminated and Hazardous Waste Site Management, and Hazardous Materials Operation, technician and awareness level. Some of the other responsibilities include the responsible operation of municipal, commercial, and industrial water and wastewater systems. We have been involved in various environmental impact assessments issues, clean-up/rehabilitation situations across Ontario, Eastern and western Canada, as well as the North Nunavut territory.

Spills, leaks, emergencies involving hazardous substances to the environment occur on everyday basis in several organizations around the province, country, and beyond. How to properly perform initial assessment and containment of a spill by the organization will go a long way in determining the impact to the environment and environmentally sensitive areas around the spill, leak, or emergency.

Another service offered by our spill response division includes site assessments for potentials of spills, leaks or emergencies; including basic training for spills and leaks. Beyond that customized contingency spill action plans are formulated for companies based on initial site assessments and training.

It is important that all individuals who handle and work with equipment containing substances that could potentially spill or leak; be trained in basic containment and cleanup procedures. All efforts should be made by the individual(s) causing the spill, leak, or emergency to try and contain the leak or spill to a small area and attempt to stop the equipment or apparatus that is leaking if possible. This will ensure impacts to the environment and contamination levels in soil or water are minimal.

In order to be turn-key, a multitude of resources are required in order to complete various projects, spill cleanups, various task & assignments, etc. These resources can vary from our emergency spill response trailer to a number of construction equipment. Trailers, floats, Marine units, snow machines, trailers, floats, cargos, motors, generators, compressors, etc. are among other resources available.

The availability of our own helicopter to respond to spills, leaks or emergencies, allows us to respond and assess the scene quickly and efficiently. The helicopter also serves as charter service, and can be used in instances which flying is more feasible then to travel by vehicle. Many other services our helicopter can provide will be underlined in the document below.

Furthermore, we have specialized sampling and monitoring equipment, as well as a mobile treatment unit to allow for sampling, initial testing & analysis on scene, and treatment of contaminated or wastewater if necessary.

In addition to Canadian Shield Consultants Agency (CSCA) resources and equipment, CSCA has the availability of obtaining other specialized equipment and aircrafts through additional resources provided by other companies in the event we would need to.

Once hazardous materials have been collected in containers and/or bags and are ready for transportation to appropriate disposal sites; only organizations with appropriate Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA’s) for hazardous and non –hazardous wastes solids or liquids would then be allowed to transport these materials to the disposal sites.

All resources are fundamental components to everyday operations of Canadian Shield Consultants Agency in order to maximize the efficiency of work and capability of our workers. This helps us achieve the best service possible for clientele and customers. 


Canadian Shield provides turnkey residential, commercial and industrial environmental engineering services.


Canadian Shield will grow to the point where it is recognized as the leading environmental engineering firm in Canada