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Canadian leader in water management and treatment, Products Ltd. markets Bubble Tubing®, a fine bubble linear diffuser for aeration, de-icing and air bubble curtain applications; Bacterius™ , the natural beneficial bacteria and water treatment line; CanadianAir™ aeration systems; Thawline™ Bubbler Deicer; and OctoAir™ industrial grade diffusers.

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570 Knowlton Road , Lac-Brome (Knowlton) , QC J0E1V0 Canada
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Water Aeration and Mixing
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Globally (various continents)
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Since 2003, has been your Canadian leader in water management supplies offering innovative aeration systems, pond and lake floating fountains, bubblers and de-icers, ecological water treatments, pumps, aquatic weed and algae control tools and water-mixing solutions, for a wide range of applications and clients. We offer only the best quality products backed by outstanding support from our team. If you want personalized service and support, quality products that are reliable and easy to install, design services, fast delivery and good after sale service, you are at the right place!

We provide reliable and cost-effective custom designed solutions to ensure you get the right system, whether it is the optimization and restoration of existing water and waste water treatment facilities or new systems involving low capital, operation and maintenance costs. Our extensive experience in cold temperature technologies and experience in pond, lake and lagoon projects has provided us a strong level of technical understanding of these processes.

What are our pond, lake and lagoon products?

We are a supply store that provides pond, lake and lagoon equipment and water treatments products.

Bubble Tubing ™, our fine bubble linear diffuser, tested by an independent engineering firm, is a highly efficient air diffuser recommended for aeration, deicing as well as air bubble curtain applications.

Bacterius ™, our line of natural beneficial bacteria and water treatments, CanadianAir Diffusion Systems, Thawline Bubbler Deicers and OctoAir-10 industrial grade diffuser are all also products developed exclusively by

We also dealers for:

  • Kasco Marine Robust Aire pond aerators, circulators and surface aerators, aerating and decorative floating fountains and dock de-icers
  • AquaMaster Fountains and AquaAir Aerators
  • Vertex Water Features Pond Lyfe and High Flow Aeration Systems as well as Lake Fountains
  • Windmill Aerators and Solar aeration systems
  • Pond and lake bacteria and aquatic dye
  • Polydex algaecide
  • Aquascreen bottom screen (benthic barrier)
  • Sonic Solutions ultrasonic algae control systems
  • Bacta-Pur probiotics water treatments
  • BioHaven Floating Islands Treatment Wetlands (FTW)
  • Aquatic weed rake, fork and cutter tools
  • Compressors, air pumps and submersible pumps
  • Pond bubblers for aeration and deicing
  • Parts and repair kits
  • And many more pond supply products!

What services do we offer?

We are here to serve you with expert advice for environmental solutions. We have extensive experience in water management and our knowledgeable and friendly bilingual team will offer you the best technical support!

Whether it’s a new project or upgrading an existing aeration or deicing system, we can guide you from design, installation to maintenance. For the management of private lakes and ponds, municipal and industrial waste water, landfill leachate, mine tailings pond treatment, aquatic weed management, algae control or fountains to increase community and property values, our solutions are unmatched in the industry.

We are a certified and authorized service and repair center for Kasco Marine, Aquamaster Fountains and Aerators and Vertex Water Features.

Why choose for your pond supplies?

You may notice a lot of our products not being available for purchase online. Canadianpond believes that each aeration system, deicing systems and fountain should be selected carefully taking into account all the factors that may affect their performances over time. We encourage you to contact us before buying or to fill a quote form online.

Do you have problems with water quality? We are the experts and we have the solutions! Visit our Learn section or contact us for specific information for your project, we are always here to answer your questions and to offer sound advice!


Your Pond Throughout the Seasons: some advice

A lake or pond without aeration or water treatment will eventually become a place where water collects and where water quality problems appear over the years. How to avoid pond problems or reverse an existing situation so you can enjoy your pond to the fullest? Read on…Spring runoff in the watershed causes nutrients and sediments to flow into the water, especially in those ponds built on waterways or ditches. Spring runoff consists of rain and snowmelt, organic waste and fine particles that will eventually accumulate at the bottom of the pond. Without aeration or circulation these organic sediments accumulate and slowly decompose into sludge, releasing more nutrients over time. In early Spring try adding a pre-conditioner beneficial natural bacteria, such as Bacterius PS to help quickly decompose accumulations of leaves, sediment and other organic waste from the previous fall.

Without aeration or the addition of natural beneficial bacterial treatments to your pond, you risk the formation of dreaded algal blooms; every pond owner’s nightmare. Encouraged by the growing presence of nutrients combined with the heat and light, algae have all the proper conditions to bloom. Often early in the season non-aerated ponds begin to show the signs of an algal bloom along the water’s edge. The phytoplankton gives a typical green colour to the water which limits penetration of light rays in the pond. An abundance of phytoplankton causes an organic layer to form at the bottom of the pond consisting of dead phytoplankton cells. This organic layer quickly consumes the oxygen needed for the survival of other organisms including fish. The depletion of oxygen also results in the release of nutrients such as phosphorous which act to feed the growth of an even larger algal bloom. Another effect relating to lack of oxygen is the formation of hydrogen sulphide. This potentially dangerous gas gives off the odour of rotten eggs and is an indicator that your water lacks oxygen. With the formation of the thermocline (the thermocline is the area of rapid thermal transition between the generally warmer and oxygenated surface waters and generally colder and deep anoxic -lacking oxygen- waters), the layer of organic sediments found on the pond floor begins to run out of oxygen and worsens the nutrient loading in the water column (see this animation on the effects of aeration in a dugout).

The installation of an aeration system will maintain a constant flow of oxygen which is the first defense against the growth of algae and phytoplankton. Adding an aquatic pond dye to the water also helps reduce light penetration into the water column, further reducing productivity at the depth at which aquatic plants can grow.


The most difficult management period at the pond begins at the onset of long hot days of summer, when filamentous algae and phytoplankton consume the latest available nutrients in the pond and eventually die and sink to the bottom. Cyanobacteria or blue- green algae can take over; they need a presence of phosphorus and heat to start their cycles. Applying an algeacide such as Polydex is an effective treatment against algae growth. In the correct dosage, it can be used safely without risk to plants or fish. Copper ions in low dosage are also a stimulant for beneficial bacteria. At all times avoid the use of pool algaecides in your pond because they are formulated very differently and will affect the beneficial bacteria that work to maintain balance in your pond.

Without the important presence of lake bottom aeration where the rising bubbles from the aeration system’s diffusers release oxygen in the first few feet of water, nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus) and metals (magnesium, iron) in the organic sediments become dissolved and will be released in the water column. As these nutrients are released, particularly later in the summer as water temperatures rise, they become available for more noxious algae blooms associated with cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and string or filamentous algae. Aeration of the entire water column is therefore essential to maintain a good balance in your pond. To control aquatic plants, there is no quick fix; consider using the benthic barrier Aquascreen or tools such as aquatic rakes and cutters. Over the long run, applications of beneficial bacteria and oxygen will help remove deep sediment that has become habitat for some aquatic weeds.

Lake bottom aeration (not surface aeration) also can help reduce coliforms and E-coli bacteria as the mixing of the water column exposes these microscopic bacteria to UV rays, reducing their numbers. This method of lake bottom aeration is now recognized by MAPAQ (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec) for vegetable producers. These farmers are eligible for grants under the Prime-Vert program, for the purchase of our aeration systems that have been certified by government experts for this purpose.