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  • Boiler feedwater deaerators

    Boiler feedwater deaerators

    The thermophysical deaerator is by far the most applied technology when oxygen and carbon dioxide in Boiler Feed Water must be reduced to negligible concentrations Bono ARTES has inherited the experience in the design of Deaerators that started up ...

    Roberto Senatore

  • Gravity self-backwashing filters

    Gravity self-backwashing filters

    The filtration of make-up and side-stream water in closed cooling circuits, operated through cooling towers, is a fundamental step to ensure safe and continuous operations in a power plant. Water - required in large amounts for this application - ...

    Roberto Senatore

  • Sewage treatment plant

    Sewage treatment plant

    BONO ARTES has developed an activated sludge process called BIOCLAR, which is a great technological step forwards compared to conventional methods. A large part of civil and industrial installations, especially in developing countries, is located ...

    Roberto Senatore