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  • BONO ARTES  - Deaerators

    BONO ARTES - Deaerators

    Water when in equilibrium with the atmosphere contain significant levels of gases, mainly carbon dioxide and oxygen. In several industrial applications the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide must be reduced to negligible levels either for process purposes or to prevent boilers and pipelines from severe corrosion.The thermo-physical deaeration process is by far the most applied technology in the Boiler Feedwater Degassing when a reduction of...

  • BONO ARTES  - Cooling Water Filtration

    BONO ARTES - Cooling Water Filtration

    Water is by far the preferred cooling medium because of its chemical-physical properties. In particular when evaporative cooling towers are used, water is regularly added (Make-Up) to compensate the losses due to the evaporation in the cooling tower and the losses from the circuit to keep the chemical-physical characteristics of the circulating water within an acceptable range of conductivity, dissolved salts, hardness. In the purification of make-up...

  • BONO ARTES  - Condensate Polishing System

    BONO ARTES - Condensate Polishing System

    Condensate polishing is employed to purify the return steam condensate in order to meet the quality requirements of high pressure thermal cycles and minimise consumption of make-up water. The polishing of the recovered condensate is implemented where the condensate is the major portion of the Boiler Feed Water and whenever there is a significant risk of contamination of the return condensate.

  • BONO ARTES  - Demineralization System

    BONO ARTES - Demineralization System

    Demineralization is concerned with the removal of all dissolved mineral matter from water. Most common applications of demineralisation: Treatment of Boiler Feed Water (BFW), in order to maintain high heat-transfer efficiency in the boiler by preventing deposition of precipitated scale and corrosion or deterioration of surfaces in contact with water. When production of steam is related to power generation through a steam turbine, a higher water...

  • BONO ARTES  - Effluent Treatment Plants

    BONO ARTES - Effluent Treatment Plants

    Effluent treatment plants in all Industrial installations are critical systems for their economy and efficiency. This is particularly true for industrial processes where water is directly involved as a process fluid. Moreover in the most recent years an increased sensibility put industrial sites under the spotlights of communities and media as potential sources of water contamination.